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In the winter of 2013, FalloutJord was testing a little strat (seen on the right) and asked me about it. The strat was later given up on due to timing difficulties.

Here I time the fade-in to the entrance of the multistory. The start is synced btw, not sure why it doesn't look synchronized. Also the parking was a bit far away I'll admit, but it looks a tad bit faster, imo.

Reasoning for not timing it all the way to the Stallion is because going up the ramps isn't the same for everyone. Also the reasoning for not timing from the very start is because of loading times and again, the timing will be different for everyone.


niceu Kreygasm another 1-2 sec saved OneHand


The real problem for me is actually parking the faggio in a good enough of a position quickly enough so that it actually saves time; all the trees and possible pedestrians make it pretty damn hard for me.


It isn't really that hard, you just need to slow down when approaching the hotel.


pls I got it 3rd try mhmd and I don't even do early cc