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I can't find a thread where people can post some random glitches that might be used somehow in speedrunning of this game. So, yeah, I'll create one.

Let's start with this:

You can find a link with an explanation in video's description.

I don't think FI cars are usable in any way in a speedrun, so the interesting part here might be transfering mission states from one character to another + unfreeze mechanic when leaving the taxi before the taxi mission actually starts. For example, you can unfreeze yourself while buying stuff in food stores, picking air\water-vehicles, etc.

Same way you can transfer Franklin's races to other characters. I don't have a video for this one but I'll record it when I have time.

You can find few other glitches and their uses on my channel but to me they seem even more useless than the one's above.

Anyway, maybe someone will post something else here.


This is interesting. While can't currently see how this would be useful I would appreciate anything else you are willing to record and show here. Thanks 🙂


1. Press and hold 'e' button (accept the race) near one of the Franklin's races.
2. While holding 'e', press and hold the button to change your character. Alt, f5-f7, whatever.
3. Here's the tricky part. You have to release both buttons almost at the same time. I can't tell the exact timings but it seems you have to release 'e' button few frames earlier than your other button.
4. If everything is done right, one of this things will happen:
- If your second character has no vehicle and IS NOT in the switch-cutscene, Franklin's vehicle will be duped and you'll start a race in this duped car.
- If your second character has no vehicle and IS in the switch-cutscene the race will glitch. The race will begin but you won't be teleported to the start line, instead some random NPC will take your place inside Franklin's car and will drive around in it. (for whatever reason xD)
- If your second character has a vehicle, you will start a race in his vehicle. In my video I purposely spawned a buzzard to show this behaviour.

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That is quite interesting. I wonder where else this can be replicated and if it would have any significance in 100%


Haven't tried reproducing this glitch and I don't know if it's useful, but...

Car turned over on driver's side door. When I exited the vehicle it clipped me under the pool. When I swam out of the pool bounds I fell into the void, then for some reason I was teleported to the middle of the street. Maybe it could be used for getting through walls in some cases?

Note: I used the Windows capture button which records the last 30 seconds, so I had to hit it twice and stitch the two videos together. Cut is around 0:07


-Kasai- I had a similar thing going into Monkey Business once. It doesn't appear consistent.


@Just1ce I managed to get it to work once out of 10 tries. Unfortunately that means that I can't really use it but it is a great find.


Can't find any real use to it.

Acts similarly to Save Warping on Architect's Plans. You can achieve similar effect by simply killing yourself or entering another mission while Michael talks to Franklin on the phone. You'll be teleported to the character's house after you finish or fail the mission.

Ending Choice: game won't let you finish the taxi-mission no matter what. You can't pickup any mission markers while Franklin talks on his phone, you will softlock or die if you try to start parachuting mission (the one with helicopter, since you can't press 'e' while on the phone to start normal one).


@Just1ce Interesting. Not sure how it would be useful right now but always good to see this kinda stuff. Thanks 🙂


Wait, you can jog in 1st person there in Franks house? that's 100% faster than walking forward after hitting the marker. lol