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Hello guys, first of all i'd like to say that researched but i could not find all the answers i need.

I really want to speedrun GTA V, unfortunately i'm as poor as lamar so i only have a PS4. I had a few questions to ask before, i will really appreciate if you could help me !

My first question is : do i have to single segment the run ? What i mean is can i do half of the run, get to sleep, wake up the next day and do the rest ? I never have 10 free hours, but i really want to try my best to end on the ps4 chart, feels bad to work hard on something that has no value at the end.

I guess the response will be "no" because if i can save the game i can also reload it, and if so, the run is totally multi-segment and i can reload every missions if rng sucks, which i won't of course but is there a way to proove it ?

My second question is : whatever is the answer of the first one , how can i submit my run officially if i don't have any recordings tool except my PS4, i read that i just need to add a timer ingame but i find it not very truthfull if the multi segment run is a thing.

I know this sounds unclear but it's really hard to use the right word using a foreign language. 😥

Any responses will be appreciated. I also wanted to say good job to all the speedrunners here because it is really beautiful to watch! 🤗


1- Unfortunately no, you need to do the run in 1 sit
2- You need video proof to submit your run, if you want you can turn on a setting in twitch to store your past broadcasts and then stream your runs through Twitch


Thanks for the answer, as you said that's unfortunate. I did a lot of speedrun, i always thought 1 sitting was easy until GTA V ...😅

So if i want to record the run, all i have to do is to stream it and it will be uploaded on twitch ? ( if i do what you say)
I guess i don't need to add a timer if i do it this way right ?


No, adding a timer is optional, the video proof is the only thing needed to submit a run


OK thanks for your quick and perfect answer