Classic% in 6h 17m 02s* by DarkViperAU (Obsolete)

Time Losses over 30 seconds:
Mr Phillips (Bad Long Stretch Switch) 1:07
Blitz Play 0:54
Pack Man (Bad Packman Switch) 0:51
Cleaning Out The Bureau 0:55
Bureau Raid (Bug) 1:39

Time with loads: 6h 38m 56s

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Name Duration Finished at
Prologue Franklin/Lumar 10m 09s 696ms 10m 09s
Repossession 4m 16s 781ms 14m 26s
Pulling Favours 2m 33s 664ms 17m 00s
Chop 7m 11s 466ms 24m 11s
Complications 3m 32s 812ms 27m 44s
Father/Son 6m 14s 299ms 33m 58s
Marriage Counselling 2m 50s 961ms 36m 49s
Friend Request 8m 34s 099ms 45m 23s
Daddy's Little Girl 4m 33s 903ms 49m 57s
Casing The Jewel Store 6m 34s 183ms 56m 31s
Carbine Rifles 1m 55s 029ms 58m 26s
Jewel Store Heist 5m 11s 280ms 1h 03m 38s
The Long Stretch 6m 28s 329ms 1h 10m 06s
Mr Phillips 8m 04s 254ms 1h 18m 10s
Trevor Phillips Industries 3m 08s 244ms 1h 21m 19s
Nervous Ron 10m 25s 074ms 1h 31m 44s
Crystal Maze 3m 21s 150ms 1h 35m 05s
Friends Reunited 5m 52s 210ms 1h 40m 57s
Fame Or Shame 4m 37s 484ms 1h 45m 34s
Dead Man Walking 5m 02s 457ms 1h 50m 37s
Three's Company 6m 43s 359ms 1h 57m 20s
Hood Safari 4m 46s 630ms 2h 02m 07s
Scouting The Port 13m 55s 153ms 2h 16m 02s
Did Somebody Say Yoga 7m 29s 454ms 2h 23m 31s
By The Book 4m 36s 859ms 2h 28m 08s
MiniSub 6m 36s 234ms 2h 34m 45s
Blitz Play 24m 18s 527ms 2h 59m 03s
I Fought The Law 10m 19s 493ms 3h 09m 23s
Eye In The Sky 10m 34s 399ms 3h 19m 57s
Mr Richards 4m 56s 130ms 3h 24m 53s
Caida Libre 8m 15s 163ms 3h 33m 08s
Deep Inside 2m 45s 465ms 3h 35m 54s
Minor Turbulence 10m 38s 429ms 3h 46m 32s
Paleto Score Setup 8m 11s 134ms 3h 54m 43s
Predator 5m 49s 457ms 4h 00m 33s
Military Hardware 3m 33s 001ms 4h 04m 06s
Paleto Score 9m 38s 255ms 4h 13m 44s
Derailed 6m 58s 529ms 4h 20m 43s
Monkey Business 11m 22s 363ms 4h 32m 05s
Hang Ten 3m 25s 569ms 4h 35m 30s
Surveying The Score 9m 18s 618ms 4h 44m 49s
Bury The Hatchet 7m 58s 858ms 4h 52m 48s
Pack Man 8m 22s 225ms 5h 01m 10s
Fresh Meat 5m 58s 927ms 5h 07m 09s
Ballad Of Rocco 1m 58s 682ms 5h 09m 08s
Cleaning Out The Bureau 8m 14s 088ms 5h 17m 22s
Reuniting The Family 6m 24s 108ms 5h 23m 46s
Architect's Plans 2m 09s 037ms 5h 25m 55s
Bureau Raid 12m 50s 911ms 5h 38m 46s
Legal Trouble 5m 28s 751ms 5h 44m 15s
The Wrap Up 3m 27s 838ms 5h 47m 43s
Lamar Down 8m 16s 801ms 5h 55m 59s
Meltdown 3m 24s 575ms 5h 59m 24s
Stingers 11m 21s 346ms 6h 10m 45s
The Big Score 12m 12s 402ms 6h 22m 58s
The Third Way 15m 58s 411ms 6h 38m 56s