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SRL (SpeedRunsLive) with LiveSplit

By TKMTKM Last updated

1) Go to:

2) Create nickname & passsword
Once you click connect you'll see this window:

3) Type /ns register <password> <email>
Make sure you are in the green chat (not blue).
<password> is the password you just chose.
<email> is the email you are choosing to register with.
Don't put the <>.

4) Link Twitch
Find the login area at the top of the page

Login with the info you just created.
Click "edit profile".

Type your twitch username in the box for twitch.

Click submit at the bottom.

5) Join the race through LiveSplit
Right click anywhere in the LiveSplit window
Click Races -> Choose the race you want to join

Login using your SRL login that you made earlier.
Tick "Remember password" to make it easier for next time.

A new window will pop-up.
Click "Enter Race" in the bottom right.

Tick "Ready" when you are ready to start.

Your LiveSplit timer will start automatically once the countdown reaches 0.

Your LiveSplit timer will stop automatically when you split on your final segment.