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So you think it should stay in a board, that's significantly harder to find, because of rationale that would also apply to categories like 100%, to remain purist to going fast?

Shit son never take off that Sonic costume.


@ryedawg There's a difference between someone not answering your question and you being too ignorant to accept the fact that there is an answer - just because you don't agree doesn't mean that your question wasn't answered.

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Your question has already been answered. I'm done wasting my time to tell you that again.


Question still left not answered

-Why does this need to be on the main Leaderboard

I think that the problem comes from the Hyperlink being /gtamemes what if we change the hyper link to SUPER SERIOUS RUNNERS ONLY CASUALS OUT or for short would this be better for you guys clearly just doing the run and not worrying about weather it will be on a leaderboard or not is more important to you @ me and when you have a run compleated

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Originally posted by ryedawgIf any of you who defend this Leaderboard change where are your runs on the leaderboard? The only people who can be taken serious in this fourm are the following

Who cares? This isn't something like the ginput thread where randoms that don't run the game tried to brigade the vote. This has mainly been taken up with members of the community that actually run the game.


get BTFOed brainlets


There is already a place that the runs are found so I don't see a reason to add the category. But I don't run the game so who cares what I think.

Amazing how a simple discussion thread can blow up into a flame war wew lads.


The discussion was solved on page 1 right here

but then it started up right again with you guys flaming each other for 6 pages. This topic has been solved for 4 days not but you small brained apes keep bashing your keys on your keyboard like its going to do something.


You've posted seven times on this page. I think you're the only one bashing on your keyboard here.

If you yourself weren't a small brained ape, you'd probably realize the merit of the discussion we were having until you came along. Like @lelreset has already told you, just because you don't agree with others' reasoning doesn't mean there isn't value to it.


I'm not hating tho, I'm just stating the facts. The fact is, I want to save SA speedrunning. The top runs on the dupeless board are a pile of crap, ranging from half-assed attempts to ancient console runs. You guys must be smoking, drinking and/or doing pills and coke to suggest such things. It's a joke. However, I do respect the fact that you don't dupe because, even with practice, you just can't get it down and ultimately end up with a much worse time. Me? I'm quite skilled and versatile with my style. Always taking shortcuts like a real speedrunner. Wonder why my LiveSplit is lacking a few bullshit splits (Mike Toreno, Ran Fa Li, Freefall, etc.)? I'm not bad. I can play fast and adapt. This is 2018. Get with the times. I don't know how anyone could like dupeless runs. That's no lie.


Yeah thats what I thought, I guess we are done here then. BTW that was a hell of a post and you almost swung me.


I didn't want to bring this up in this thread because it seemed a bit off-topic, but since it was brought up how easy it is to find all the information on .. this is what I get:

In order to find the other categories you have to scroll down and then untick the appropriate checkboxes (which is kind of unintuitive in itself, unticking something to show it). So basicially you have to know exactly what you're looking for already. It wouldn't surprise me if the regular visitor never finds those leaderboards. I myself had some issues trying to find the OHKO% leaderboards.

I don't know if this is some kind of setting that can be changed, or if that's something for to fix/improve (like allowing a separate "Misc" section so everything can be shown always without cluttering the rest of the games list), but as it is that page certainly doesn't provide easy access to all available information.


Discoverability of the meme boards - which is poor to begin with, but it's probably better that way - isn't the point of this thread. Ryedawg has successfully derailed the thread to "why shouldn't it be on the meme boards?" - perhaps unintentionally, because he doesn't grasp the nuance of the discussion. The question we're actually discussing is "would it be better on the main boards?"

Can All Story Missions be on the meme boards? Yes. Is it better on the main boards? IMHO, yes. It's a clearly defined full game run, which is what the main boards should be. Any% Dupeless/NMS is, when clearly defined, in line with that definition. Is Any% NMS better on the main boards? I'd say yes.

Stop posting about this nonsense, please, and stay on topic. There is a legitimate discussion to be had, but it is being muddied by people entirely missing the point i.e. @ryedawg

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@Crook4Money My point is that if you open without any additional URL parameters, then the misc games don't show up by default.

This happens e.g. when you click on the "series" link either in the search or on any game page. So you can e.g. be on then click on the "Grand Theft Auto series" link and come to the series overview where it seems like the OHKO page doesn't even exist. It only appears if you change the search options on the left.

Of course you can search for "Grand Theft Auto" or "OHKO" and it appears in the list there, but if you go on the series page expecting to find a nice overview of everything related to GTA Speedrunning, and happen to have used a link that doesn't show the extensions, then you might assume such a page simply doesn't exist.

Again, this is the default page you get (if you happen to not click on "More..." in the search, but use basicially any other link to the series overview):


when did this become a thread about finding the " meme " boards? and imo a run that well represents the game in it's own unique way but not so stretch out to the point where one little change means a new listing should be on the main boards so

any% / any% NMG / ASM / 100% / All Tags / All Horse Shoes / All oysters / All collectibles

those runs should/is on the main boards with rules that defined what kind of run those are and what restrictions shall be in place ( as we have it already maybe a little more work in ASM idk )

the " meme " boards should be just that meme runs.

LS% / Badlands% / SF% / Desert% / LV% / RTLS% / Cutscene% / hooker% / low% Bad ending etc.

should and is on the respected board.

popularity shouldn't dictate a run being on one board or the other. the demand is there for any% NMG / dupeless to be on the main board and there is.

i'm not kin on bullying one another or shit talking and I thought we where trying to cut down on that happening on these threads.

what I suggested was turn down hard and I took that. Not always a bad thing when you're wrong.

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if you add restrictions in the rules (EXAMPLE: no duping allowed) then it is no longer any% - which relies on the implicit nature in its namesake that runners will do whatever it takes to get to end of game, THE FASTEST.

any% doesnt care about how much fun it is or isn't - and so help me god if i see more bully in these threads i will have my head spin



There would still be an Any% without the rule. Any% and Any% NMG would be seperated categories in the main boards.


I used to be against adding dupeless to the main boards for any of the 3D GTA games, because I thought that it would be an incentive for runners not to do the objectively harder and more annoying, yet way faster routes. Back in the days I was mosty worried about dupeless compromising the advancements in any%.

But a lot of time has passed since then, and all of the 3D-era games have been improved to an amazing extent, and nowadays even the best runners are turning back to dupeless. So I think now is the time to try and add the 'No Major Glitches' stuff on the main boards. Although I am not sure how it would be done best, subcategories for all the classic categories (Any%, AM, 100%) or just having a separate Any% NMG tab.

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@JOEdrinksBEER right, any% doesn't care if it's fun. Runners do, though, and that's why rulesets have been created time and time again across dozens of communities to make their respective games fun to run, and it works brilliantly. (SM64, OoT, ALTTP, Portal, to start with)

@blacklev to add to this, once a runner has reached the highest level of play the only way they can get a "fresh" experience with the game is different categories and routes, even the antiquated ones have merit as they give the player an experience different than the category that they've grinded out over and over.


As just a viewer of SA runs, I say if it becomes popular among the runners, move it to /gtasa's leaderboards


could it be a sub tab under any%? i've seen other speed run games like that so couldn't we do it along like that? just asking.

(edited: )

I'm a just viewer as well and I think it would be pretty nice to see it. Any (No Major Glitches) seems like a good name. Also if it will be brought back to the main leaderboards, also city categories should be brought as well. I'm talking about LS%, SF% etc. They don't really fit to the CE.

Sure, Hooker%, Low% etc. seems reasonable in meme runs but city runs might be seen well in main LB, maybe in misc categories? Just telling.

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