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Was expecting this to be a category or at least a subcategory underneath any%. Was curious to see what the current fastest non dupe time was and boom, non existent.

Do we have a reason for this category not being on the leaderboards?

Yes I know you can still run categories without the game being on the leaderboard. Yes I know it is extra modding, however this is a legitimate category honestly, more so than ASM for sure.

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@blacklev I think the actual question is "Why it is on meme leaderboard but not on the main leaderboard"


Here we go again...


imo i think that dupeless should be on main leaderboard instead of ASM

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@Arkowy That doesn't completely makes sense it's like delete any% category from leaderboard and put something else for example all stunt jumps, wtf...


The reason for dupeless any% being on meme board is probably because there is no place for that. Where would you put it? IL section? Or miscellaneous?


Thanks @blacklev didn't know it was there.

Anyone arguing against any% no dupes appearing on main leaderboard also needs to go look at vice city leaderboard.

I don't care either way btw. Just wanted to know where the boards were. Very surprised no sub5 yet.


The only reason VC has an Any% split is because of the extent of SSU's effect on the run. You don't see dupeless for VC All Missions or for 100% either. The only way SA Any% is getting a similar split is if someone finds a glitch that totally upends the run to a similar degree that SSU did, and even then the "No SSU" would just be what Any% is now.

Personally, I think the run is far more tolerable without dupes, but I don't think that warrants a category split yet.

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I think any% dupeless being on the category extensions is good, that’s what the category extensions are there for. The only issue is it’s sitting there next to hooker% and bad ending and all that stuff which makes it look like a joke, but that’s an issue for another day.

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Wont ever happen, they said they were gonna make changes months ago and nothing happened. It's a waste of a good concept.


@MToms127 @Nagenowa Changes were made, how about talking to the mod team instead of ranting on here?

(edited: )

I cant see talking to the mod team being anything other than a negative experience so I will have to pass.


Then please don't make slanderous comments towards the CE boards when you choose not to learn the facts

(edited: )

> not talking to the mods about what changes they would like to see
> complaining no changes were made


In lieu of what mh said I would imagine that if the category of any% dupeless became suddenly popular and had several active runners, it would be moved to the main boards.

The reason it's in CE is because it's more of a novelty category that no one runs seriously

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>Make unnoticeable (possibly fictional) changes
>Don’t announce them
>Get mad when people don’t know about them telepathically
>make 3 posts about the changes without stating what they are
It’s not the runners job to reach out on changes in mod policy it’s the mods jobs to communicate.
I’m not trying to get another thread locked here so I’m not gonna even bother coming back to this, if you have anything else to say you can send me a private message.


Nobody expects anyone to telepathically see the changes, but slandering us because you think nothing was changed with no evidence just makes you look ridiculous


I wouldn't mind seeing it as a serious category. The dupes are great and save a ton of time, but I've also seen them kill a lot of runs for a lot of different people. Personally I like seeing the full run, and I find it a shame when something cuts it short, whether that's dupe issues, WASD cheats, or planes falling out of the sky.


People would have to run the category for it to be legitimized

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