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I want to suggest putting the AJS runs before the Any% (No AJS) on the leaderboards.

1. Vice City speedrun page has the same thing. SSU before Non-SSU and still has just as active a non-SSU category even though SSU is run a lot less these days and still extremely difficult.

2. It is currently gathering a lot of media attention, and people looking for the records are mostly interested in these runs at present time. If they want to see times outside this category, it's still one click away.

3. These runs are currently being run more than the regular any%, so for the time being that's what people might be running the most and what they want to look up the most, and the change I'm suggesting here can be reverted at a time that is deemed appropriate.

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Whats the matter If people can read they will see which one is right

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Imagine not knowing how to read. Plus it's literally one click away. Plus No AJS is a much more interesting category.

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