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Can I speedrun GTA SA with a cracked version? It has no mods or anything. It's just like the original


Just as long as there are no mods you're fine with any version.

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Not like its not the biggest sale of the year on steam so u could buy this game for like 3€ anyways...

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But autosplitter doesn't work right?


You can buy the game then downgrade it and the auto splitter will work and you won’t have a crack game. Any runner won’t promote using a crack game as that being illegal in most countries.


Steam has a sale. Go for it. Personally, I won't accept cracked version runs, unless you can hide it really well and I can't notice. But... you'll be better off just buying the game and downgrading it, by using the downgrader on Resources page.

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I saw now that it's on sale. I've just bought it. Thanks for the info

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