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Russian pirate game distributor? 1C are official distributor for rockstar games in CIS so far. You can buy their SA copy on 1c site.


From Nick007J: "The story was, when 1C bought rights to GTA IV, they also agreed to release all the trilogy games (3, VC, SA). Because, hilariously enough, SA was never officially released in Russia by then, even without translation"

This is easily verified by a quick Google of 1C to find they are not a pirate game distributor, but an actual, for real Russian software developer and publisher.


If it were a translation other than this official one, it would indeed be disallowed. The differences mostly seem to lie in the translations themselves. I can't read Russian, but maybe someone could compare the subtitles of the initial cutscenes or other details to Russian translation mods, and if they matched up, it could serve as some evidence.


I'm sorry to interrupt . And what impact does the translation have on the game ? Just not HD GTA official translations into Russian are made completely disgusting ( there is even a meme) , there is even a broken font . The only high-quality translation of GTA SA was made by Amateurs . It's not a claim , I'm really interested .

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@AlexYeahNot i know on SM64 they use japanese version because the text goes faster in cutscene . So its should be similar in other games

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Text has no impact on speed of cutscenes in non remastered GTA versions. I tested it few years ago w the default eu languages.

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