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why wouldnt it be?

its just another dupe and theres no more mission markers

unless im wrong 😛


Maybe i'll just do a run with it and let people vote afterwards, because I am honestly not sure if it should be allowed or not.


DEFINE MISSION 110 AT @FINALEA // End Of The Line (1)
DEFINE MISSION 111 AT @FINALEB // End Of The Line (2)
DEFINE MISSION 112 AT @FINALEC // End Of The Line (3)

On the other hand,
0318: set_latest_mission_passed 'RIOT_4' // End Of The Line
only happens in FINALEC

but then
happens in all of them. 😃 That's the variable that determines which mission starts when entering the Riot trigger (Sweet).

Probably this is just R¤ coding. The easiest way for them to "emulate"(?) checkpoints was to make EOTL three separate missions. Maybe there are also technical limitations that forced them to split it into three parts (max mission size).

VC All Missions is defined as triggering all 0318 opcodes (set_latest_mission_passed 'RIOT_4' // End Of The Line).


SA definition is different than III's and VC's though Patrick, so that argument doesn't really apply. The rest does though.

It's 3 different missions in the code, and if you fail the second mission, it does get a "permanent map marker", that starts EOTL Part 2. Same for Part 3. As such, I think all 3 should be mandatory. I don't really care about this category though, so it's all up to you guys.

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Hm, that would be a funny category. ^^
0318: set_latest_mission_passed is used in
all races (or most)
Dirt Track
but no terris 😃

It's funny, tbh. R¤ codes things different than what they mean in order to get done quicker (I guess, or limitations) and now we argue if the intentions should outweigh what is clearly in the code.
Or is there dispute that End Of The Line was intended as one "mission" with checkpoints? That's what it was supposed to look like for the player.

Cynical note at the end: All Missions is Any% plus all the crap we always hated, so forcing terris fits the theme.


I think any player that doesn't look at the sourcecode would see End of the Line as one mission with checkpoints. It's not really any different than unlocking a Trip Skip by failing a mission, just that it is differently implemented. The fact that it only sets "latest mission passed" to "End Of The Line" and not Part 1/2/3 supports it being just one mission.

The All Missions definition already seems rather player-perspective based, since it depends on what the player can clearly see in the game. So an implementation detail that isn't apparent to the player shouldn't be considered here. Imho. 🙂


Yes, tduva, unless we question the "player-perspectiveness" 😃 of the rules.^^


should probably make a poll on this website to see if the runners want the skip to be allowed. so here it goes

A = It should be allowed

B = It should not be allowed