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I recently submitted run for Driving School (complete), all 3 couriers (LS, SF and LV), Valet, Yay Courier and BS Cash. The later 3, even though not missions, have at least 2 of some elements that make them similar to missions like: pass/fail conditions, change $OnMission when started or passed/failed, increase missions attempts and missions passed stats. I think most will agree the first 5 submissions should have their own leaderboard, but what you guys think of the later 2 suggestions (Yay Courier and BS Cash?

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I would love to see the list of IL speedruns being complete.
Some "missions" in the game aren't viable for an IL though since they're score based and not speedbased. (Like Beefy Baron, the arcades).

If possible, having a scoreboard for those kind of "missions" would be nice too but I'm not sure if it's possible to set that up?

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Having any score that is not related to time may be complicated on a speedrunning website. This is why I only submitted ILs that are completed faster or slower depending on your performance. Your idea sounds nice though. You could create the topic GTA SA record book volume 3 on gta forums. The volume 2 is quite outdated.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

We've added Driving School (Bike/Boat School were already there so I think this was an omission when adding ILs originally), Valet and all 3 Courier missions. We've however decided to not add the Yay/Big Smoke's Cash missions since they're missions that don't count towards the completion percentage.

We'll also add them to the Remastered leaderboards to keep that leaderboard in sync with the base game.

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