Collecting Game Version Information
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Collecting Game Version Information

I'm looking for some help with the different SA versions. I only have access to a few versions myself and I also want to double-check that the versions I have are the same that others have.

I wrote this CheatEngine script to output some information. If you have CheatEngine installed you can load up the Cheat Table (GTASA_Version_Test.CT) and run the included script or otherwise use the standalone trainer (GTASA_Version_Test.EXE) that was created from the Cheat Table using the CheatEngine trainer creator.

Trainer and Cheat Table:

All PC versions could be interesting, if just to double-check the information.

  • Start the game
  • Start a New Game (CJ standing in front of the bike)
  • Execute the .exe or load the CheatTable in CheatEngine and run included script
  • Copy&Paste the information output in the textfield into this thread
  • Please also include the version number from the SA main menu (if present) or anything else that could identify the version (like Steam/Retail/Downgraded)

The information that it outputs:

  • The name of the process (this can either be gta_sa.exe or gta-sa.exe).
  • The Module Memory Size which should be different depending on the version and can be one way to detect the version.
  • The Module Address for the SA .exe (not sure if that is the correct term), this is usually 0x400000, but for Steam it seems to be different.
  • The detected version based on what the AHK autosplitter uses. This probably won't detect the Steam version correctly.
  • Memory Scan for the mission script global variable $480 (some coordinate added at the start of the game which seems to be pretty unique). This is why you need to actually start a New Game, so the mission script is loaded. This shows the offset for global variables compared to 1.0. Unfortunately that offset only works for some variables required for the Autosplitter, but it's a start and of course useful to double-check the version information.
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[quote]Process: gta-sa.exe Module Memory Size: 18313216 Module Address: 00400000 Detected Version: 1.0 US

$480 found: 00A4A0E0 in module: 0064A0E0 offset: 000[/quote]

No version number on the menu. I used a downgrader on the Steam version. I renamed the .exe to "gta-sa" and removed the old one (Steam version) to save disk space and the ability to use it with Steam (show people I bought the game, log hours and for screenshots)

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Friesland, Netherlands

[quote]Process: gta-sa.exe Module Memory Size: 9691136 Module Address: 00400000 Detected Version: 3.0 Steam

$480 found: 00ABF210 in module: 006BF210 offset: 0075130 [/quote]

Main menu says V3.0 I use the pre-downgrade Steam version of which I made a backup before it was too late.

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Process: gta_sa.exe Module Memory Size: 34471936 Module Address: 00400000 Detected Version: 1.01 EU/AUS or 1.01 Deviance or 1.01 Downgraded

$480 found: 00A4C760 in module: 0064C760 offset: 002680 $480 found: 0E156991 in module: 00DD56991 offset: 00D70C8B1 $480 found: 0E158BA1 in module: 00DD58BA1 offset: 00D70EAC1 $480 found: 12A53491 in module: 0012653491 offset: 00120093B1 $480 found: 12A556A1 in module: 00126556A1 offset: 001200B5C1 $480 found: 12A578B1 in module: 00126578B1 offset: 001200D7D1 $480 found: 12A59AC1 in module: 0012659AC1 offset: 001200F9E1 $480 found: 12A5BCD1 in module: 001265BCD1 offset: 0012011BF1 $480 found: 12A5DEE1 in module: 001265DEE1 offset: 0012013E01

looks strange compared to the others :D retail EU box copy, updated to 1.01, and NoCD is used main menu says V1.01

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Seems like for some reason the value the memory scan is looking for wasn't unique. Did you start a new game and then ran the test or load a save/play a bit? Either way, the first result is probably the correct one since the offset is consistent with the 1.01 version I tested (and was already known from the AHK autosplitter).

started a new game


Process: gta_sa.exe Module Memory Size: 17985536 Module Address: 00400000 Detected Version: Version unknown

$480 found: 00A4C760 in module: 0064C760 offset: 002680

it is probably this one: I am not sure because I bought it from an acquaintance a long time ago. I think he said it was Austrian. The cover is the same.

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Interesting, the Module Memory Size is more similiar to 1.0, but the offset is the same as 1.01. Did you check for a version number in the menu?

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