Early nade strat

  1. Introduction

Basically, you get the grenade during the second mission, Ryder. This strat can be useful if you are not confident with your aiming. Even if you are a true marksman, I think it is still interesting.

The comparison video does not show perfect segments because my aim is not good. They do however represent an example of how time could be saved if your aim is like mine.

  1. Missions

2.1 Ryder

Drive Ryder to the place, get the nade, return to the car, drive Ryder to the barbershop.

2.2 Tagging up Turf

Nade the Ballas and the fence, skipping the cutscene and no jumping over the fence.

2.3 Cleaning the Hood

Run to the dealer, nade him as early as possible.

Note: Watch out you don't hit the lightpole.

2.4 Nines and AKs

Shoot the first bottle, nade the bottles in the second and third part of the mission, shoot the car's tank.

2.5 OG Loc

Freddy can only be killed after the corner we always kill him, so no use in using grenades.

2.6 Running Dog

Run the usual route, keep the camera/CJ centered towards the tag when running over the road, stop after the center line on the pavement, throw the nade as far as possible. Kills the Vago before he goes around the corner, if failed, throw another grenade after he comes around the corner. This is actually very consistant, I think even more so than taking the clover and driving it all the way around, avoiding other traffic.

2.7 Drive-by

Get SMG ammo at the beginning of the mission by throwing a grenade towards Smoke, if you hit Smoke, you get 3 clips, otherwise you get only 2 clips from Ryder and Sweet. Continue until you have enough for the mission itself (optional), Sweet's Girl (optional), and Wrong Side of The Tracks (required).

I tried using grenades in the mission itself but it didn't exactly result in any time saving or consistency. Grenade on first spawn works well, second not so much because the Ballas are spread out. Third work rarely because the spawn and direction is random, fourth spawn doesn't work because there is alway one enemy to far away. Even if all this was consistant and would work, I doubt you could save any time with this. Best you could get out of all this is help killing the Ballas with the free ammo you can generate at the beginning, although this of course also results in time loss.

2.8 Sweet's Girl

Drive to the place, drive over three badguys, throw one nade at the car close to the marker, throw another at the badguy at the stairs, get in the car, wait for the call, park your car at the marker. You need a fourseater for this to work. I think we can make this faster by throwing a grenade before the marker instead of after.

2.9 High Stakes, Low-rider

Higher chance of skipping the hotdog because you are less likely to get damage during Sweet's Girl.

  1. Conclusion

This strat can be faster and more consistant if your aim sucks and die a lot at Sweet's Girl. I am curious if we can save some more time using nades before Burning desire. Maybe we can change the route to get to Burning Desire later because we already have grenades for missions where it has been crucial (House Party and such).


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blowing up crack den during cleaning the hood is missing on ur list

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