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minor optimizations thread
  1. Gang war cancelling: During the "getting-off-the-bike-animation", the look back button does not look back but acts like the sub-mission button. -> get off the bike, immediately after, press look-back, a bit later press it again. As soon as you have it in muscle memory, you can focus on using the time that the aninmation takes to aim at the enemy groups while getting off, as well.

  2. cancelling the putting the phone away animation with the landing animation: it only works if you land after the putting away animation has started. a) After Monster, climb the bannister right next to where the marker is going to be, after the talking starts, walk off it. [the landing animation cancels the "after-call-animation"] b)After "Cesar Vialpando" This has audio commentary :) Although it's a bit harder than I thought, practice will make it easy. Medium Quality (3MB) | Very Low Quality (600K) E: the reason I was high ;) at the start was - "let's try this again :D" - that it took me a bunch of times to satisfy my standards. Also, "timing" was the wrong word, in an actual run you need to wait for the call to come in. Better put: You have to stand in the right place when you take it.

c) After Don Peyote: not sure, probably it's better to look for sports cars

d/e/f) You can jump onto the roof of your car or on top of your bike and then walk down, it causes a short landing animation: Loc's Party call Woozie race call first call after Los Desesperados (not copying R¤s Spanish mistake ;D) It probably saves time, need to check though g?) Maybe there is a mission (1) starting with a call (2) spawning you on top of your car if you parked it where you spawn after the cut-scene. Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom?

  1. 100%: train your muscles by running in a couple of waiting times: examples:
  • after Badlands races
  • Against All Odds after "activating" the satchels - run against the wall until the cutscene starts
  • The Green Sabre: after getting out of Cesar's car before the cut-scene
  1. You can despawn boats like cars, I haven't had a new boat spawn when camera twitching, yet.
  2. Using camera twitching when looking for specific/decent cars: examples
  • for bust warping
  • in Madd Dogg's Rhymes on the bicycle
  • in Snail Trail

I wanted to post that Cesar Vialpando thing. D: Seriously, though, if you run fast enough then you can run or jump (jump, then immediately pick up) on top of the Voodoo while picking up the phone and drop from it while putting it back in.

I need to time if picking up the phone is slower with jump than without.

I found that attempting to get in a car after buying a drink lets you buy another one right away, maybe that is useful for 100%.

Buying 8 big Pizzas durimg Ryder only costs 15s, sprunk stuff might be faster (during Outrider, maybe, I improved some of the photos), the 555 we tip manipulation strat saves more than 15s . I am for using the 555 waiting time for looking for cars, though.

added toreno's last flight safe strat disguised as yolo strat

u do aim for the stairs in the back its pretty much 2 rocket strat and the 3rd rocket is just to check your aim ive done it 30+ times and it never failed

what i would do to practise is to start with 5, just jam them as fast as possilbe, first 3 are dummies and last 2 is the timing that u want, nothing to precise just the ballpark


@house Party grenade fence: If you tap D in the same rhythm you tap sprint, then the angle at which you run should have you end up left directly next to the fence when it gets bright again and then you are near enough to the marker to almost make it there until the mission is passed. -> I think that this grenade should be used somewhere else.

@vertical Bird: Omega did a 8s or so mistake in the comparison so this is slower. The flying strategy is very hard, though, so I don't know what is better. I mainly wanted to point out the mistake. I am going to use this strat though, so thanks. :)

Nice "solid time save". :D

@High Noon: one despawn area is roughly around Pulaski's body so you can't get much closer than this.

After Black Project, you can push the Sanchez like this (front wheel left to the hut): https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hwdts5rgbn5wck/after_black_project_push.png?dl=1

shoot at your bike(a bit)/friends(a lot) during Doberman/Nines and AKs/end of Just Business to get pistol skill for Gangster level, which is useful for Small Town Bank and Freefall (firing rate, accuracy). Unless pause buffering strats get more consistent.

  1. cancelling putting away phonecall animation for burning desire call(do people not know about this or am i missing a reason of why noone does this?)

  2. Skipping a small part of the sweet's girl cutscene at the end(the part where it shows sweet and his girl getting out the car) saves 0.5-2 sec or so.

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Also here's the faster los sepulcros route comparison, video not made by me but i guess you can tell that by the quality Kappa

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New Jersey, USA

Is the route where you would take the highway, faster or slower?


the highway route we did a long time ago is like 8-10s slower than the route in the video


[quote]Messed up the bridge on A so had to realign them to make a fair comparison. New start is at the last lightpole (18 sec in) before the sides take a different route. B is still a little faster, might save .5 sec.[/quote]


Right side is easier too from my experience.


[quote]Left has a car in the way, right has a pedestrian in the way. Should give a fair enough comparison. Might make a second version with jumping on the ramp and all that.[/quote]

Friesland, Netherlands

Why do you slow down so much in left? You can use the building to break your turn and almost not brake at all


[quote]Why do you slow down so much in left? You can use the building to break your turn and almost not brake at all[/quote] Doesn't hitting the wall slow down the car? I can make a new video if the comparison is not fair enough. Figured the right would be faster because you go oblique and have more room on the second turn.

Not sure yet what the best spot is to aim to, could be consistent if we knew. Also consider your timing if you want to try this (getting on the building, getting off the bike, get in position, aim, shoot).

I did some more testing, trying to reproduce and failed. Headshotted him a few times with the sniper rifle, killed him but the train didn't stop. So I assume the train only stops when you kill him by shooting his body.

Taking the ramp is faster and probably easier until I found a way to one shot him consistently.

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isn't necessarily faster if you get a PCJ on the road or something, so up to you if you want to take your chances, also you need a star for this (drive-by shoot a police vehicle/officer on the way) or just depend on luck to not get a call. All you have to do is press F after you trigger outrider.

For deco you can keep your vehicle by putting the toilet in the hole first then bringing the cement truck over. (2 vehicles in memory, so your vehicle you had b4 deco stays as opposed to the other strat , getting in dozer -> getting in cement truck -> getting in cement truck again 3 vehicles cause despawn) putting toilet in hole first barely loses anything, if it's even slower and if you got a fast vehicle after 555 like a PCJ or something it's definetly worth.

After you finish management issues, if there is a bike in the parking slot take it and park it, then answer the call and enter house party cutscene. this saves a few seconds since entering house party cutscene refreshes the call waiting time, if you have a bike you can get to burning desire marker fast enough and only answer 1 call without losing time.

Faster los santos route if you're fast enough: Grey imports > Los sepulcros (9-17) -> home invasion -> then the usual. this saves a few sec because you have to run less, if you're too slow you will probably get rain on los sepulcros or you might not since weather seems to be RNG. I have not got rain on los sepulcros yet,though.

In drive-thru if you have a micro smg you can use it to kill the balla after he's out of the car, gives the mission more consistency if you do it right.

if you have an NRG going into toreno's last flight, park it near the FCR then go and trigger the cutscene, since you have to wait anyway otherwise softlock this will basically lose no time and you can still use the NRG for YKBB which will be faster than FCR.


here's another 2s timesave ResidentSleeper spam skip cutscene + jump ,game gives control for like half a second just before you receive the call. works for green sabre too but doesn't save any time on that also there was some other things i wanted to mention but forgot. FACK SMOrc


something i found yesterday, never saw anyone do this. Can probably be done with verdant meadows and Ran Fa Li too? DUPING THING ONLY. If you park the bike in the right spot you can get on it before game teleports you back so when you teleport back you're on the bike. saves like 3s


Found this recently. Holding space when falling down makes CJ do the quick recover animation instead of that slow one, useful in lots of places (ICK,Home in the hills, etc. etc.) Does not work if you are out of stamina.

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