External tools and hardware to speedup/skip segments
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External tools and hardware to speedup/skip segments

I have been using the program Virtual Audio Cable to have the game audio and music on a different line. For some reason there is a bug(?) where the program will speed up certain programs with audio. I have had it with YouTube videos and Twitch vods on Firefox in the past. But today it happened while playing San Andreas.

At some parts it seems to speed up the segments, except for the Against all Odds cutscene.

Decided to make a separate thread because Tirean also once said it was possible to menu skip the Nines and AKs cutscenes with certain keyboards. If someone has more information on what keyboards this applies to, please post in this thread, that would be useful.

Is it allowed to use external tools as they do not modify the game? External frame limiters are allowed for GTA IV as well.

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Dialog skip/speed up with faulty audio devices is known and banned.

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Alright, what about the cutscene skips with certain keyboards?

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Nines And Aks cutscenes? You mean pause buffering to skip the dialogue that is in between the shooting bottles part,you can also do that in tanker commander,photo opp,some zero mission iirc, home in the hills,some other mission. All you have to do is hold down Esc and pray for the best (personally for me it's very inconsistent and usually ends up doing more bad than good, by that i mean it usually makes me lose my mouse and i have to pause and unpause a million times to get it back and who doesn't love that issue?)

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everyone who experiences no mouse response just need to play SA with one processor core. i guess there are lots of sw for this, i personally use fliptib this will make pause buffering good to use

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everyone who experiences no mouse response just need to play SA with one processor core.


not seeing anything funny in this, it really helps

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As for different Keyboards. If you mean switching the keyboard layout to a different language like tirean did. Yes this is perfectly fine.

If it's something else just go by this rule: "1 physical button press = 1 input". You can rebind and move every key around on your keyboard with software aslong as you don't put 2 or more actions on the same key.

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Disable desktop composition and visual themes to fix mouse issues. Sometimes still happens though but usually only requires pausing and unpausing once. If your Windows doesn't give you these settings, then get rid of it and install a windows that does.

my Windows 7 disables this by default when I start SA shortcut.. doesnt seem to help though

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Guess SA is just a poorly coded game (what a surprise)

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