I know some people don't find AutoSplitters really necessary, but I think it's pretty nice to just concentrate on the game and just pay attention to the splits if you want to.

I feel like GTA:SA AutoSplitters are not very accessible right now. You have to search a bit to even fine a program and then you don't really know which one is actually the best one. I feel like this should be documented somewhere or at least added to the Resources.

I know there is the AHK one which zoton2 gave to Tirean (and I think Omega maybe also uses?). Maybe you could bundle the compiled .exe and the sourcecode in one ZIP with a readme (afaik you already made a readme) and add that to the Resources.

I kind of prefer having something in LiveSplit directly and not a separate program that presses keys for you (even though that also has the advantage of being usable with other timers as well). I also just wanted to experiment with that stuff a bit and find out how it works, so I wrote an ASL script which I added to GitHub: (GTASA ASL Script, Readme)

I've only tested it with Version 1.0 so far, I'm not really familiar with what GTASA versions there are and how their memory address differ.

It should possibly hopefully maybe work for GTASA any% already and also includes fun stuff like splitting Bustedwarps and Deathwarps in Badlands (which might not be absolutely necessary, but why not). As you might know, ASL Scripts don't really allow for GUI settings, so you have to edit and add the script manually in case you want to use it. But at least after that you don't have to run a separate program.

I'll try to turn this into a LiveSplit component (which allows for GUI settings) if there is demand for that. Unless ASL scripts get GUI settings soon, which of course would be very useful for creating scripts in general. The settings might not turn out to be as fancy as in the AHK AutoSplitter (with icons and stuf), but you should at least be able to simply select which splits you want to have split.

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A little update:

I've been working on LiveSplit's Scriptable Auto Splitter Component to allow ASL scripts to define simple boolean GUI settings. If this is accepted by the LiveSplit developers, you can simply enable/disable certain splits in the GUI.


I'm also working on supporting more than version 1.0 with the ASL script I made. Some version information I got from the AHK Autosplitter, but it seems the current Steam version has quite different memory addresses. It requires more than just one offset, but luckily I have access to that version so I could already find out most of the required addresses myself. I'm hoping that the other versions (such as 1.01 which I tested a bit) work with one simple offset, so I could just use those from the AHK Autosplitter.

Also using the Module Memory Size to detect the version seems to work better in some situations. For my version it seemed like it wouldn't detect the version with the other method (checking some memory address for a specific value) if it was done while it was still checking the CD. I guess it may not load that part of the .exe into memory until it is past the DRM.

The Collecting Game Version Information thread is part of this effort of detecting versions better and finding out which versions people use in the first place.

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How do you think the missions should be presented in the settings? At the moment I have all the any% splits grouped by section (LS, Badlands, SF, ..) and ordered like the usual any% route. An alternative would be grouping them by section and mission chain (like LS/Sweet, LS/Ryder, SF/Woozie, ..).

Also is there any interest for splitting more than the usual missions? I already added collectibles (split on every single collectible/tag or when all of a type are completed), but I'm not sure if that's too useful except for silly splits of splitting every tag in an All Tags run. :P


With the settings I mean either like this (grouped into mission groups):

Main Missions

  • Los Santos -- Intro --- Big Smoke --- Ryder -- Sweet --- Tagging up Turf --- Cleaning the Hood --- Drive-Thru --- Nines and AKs --- ... -- Big Smoke --- OG Loc --- Running Dog --- ...

Or like this (only grouped by area):

Main Missions

  • Los Santos -- Big Smoke -- Ryder -- Tagging up Turf -- Cleaning the Hood -- Drive-Thru -- Nines and AKs
Norfolk, England
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

I think the first way would be better, makes it a lot easier to find what mission you're looking for. I'm pretty sure that's the way that the AHK autosplitter does it right now too.

The only thing I would like adding is the extra missions required for the "All Missions" category, don't know if you want to mix them in with the Any% missions or not though. Maybe the additional missions could go in a separate tree? That or they could just go in with the Any% missions, as it doesn't really matter too much if they were accidentally ticked or not.

For "All Missions" having autosplitting options for other smaller things might be nice too. Like completing Driving School and maybe for buying Zero's shop/Wang Cars maybe?

Friesland, Netherlands

Just be sure: Desert starts with Monster and ends with Learning To Fly.

I don't care how you group them, just for the love of god get the desert section right.


After some more testing, I feel like I don't want to add too many branches. While it might be easier to find a specific mission, I think having to expand all those branches to get an overview of what is selected isn't that nice. So I'll just keep it organized by area alone and ordered roughly in the way you would do them. It's not like you have to edit the settings that often anyway, only if you edit your splits.

I already added some side missions under a "Side Missions" top-level branch and then separated by Zero, Wang Cars, Heist and Schools. In this case I think it makes more sense to organize them like this. Those are all enabled by default as well, since it doesn't really matter if you don't actually do them.

I'm not sure what other stuff to add, would be nice to get some feedback on what people would be interested in.

Could not get the latest commit to work with the "startup" action. I get a parse error on livesplit where it does not recognise "startup" as a valid action. I think my livesplit is fully updated (1.6.8), so not sure what's up.

But otherwise seems to work as intended.

Also not sure how easy it would be to do, since (as far as I understood) it's using in-game time for starting the runs; but would it be possible to start runs after you load a saved game for practice. I.e. Loading a "Farewell, My Love" save starts a run for a SF practice. If not, the easy solution is to start the run myself and then it should pick-up the end missions, which should already work.


The LiveSplit version to use these new setting features isn't released yet.

Manually starting the timer when you load from a save would probably be best, but it might work with the "loading" memory value, which seems to be set when loading from a save. However I couldn't find the address for that for the Steam version.

Edit: Ok, I found the address for the Steam version as well. I added a setting for starting the timer when loading from a save, disabled by default, since I'm not quite sure if it will work well and if everyone even would want that to happen. You'll still have to reset manually though, because I'm not sure of a safe way to detect when to reset in that case. I really don't want to reset the timer accidentally during a run, that's why I'm using the ingame timer to check that it's really at the very beginning of the game (for resetting when starting a New Game).


Install the dev build of LiveSplit if you want to try the AutoSplitter. LiveSplit 1.6.8-77 did it for me.

AutoSplitter works well for the parts I tested so far SeemsGood .

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The LiveSplit update is now released. If you want to try the Autosplitter just download the LiveSplit update and activate the Autosplitter in the Splits Editor.

See the README for more information on what is supported and how to use it.

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Could you add Usjs and splitting for each challenge passed in schools? my OCD is killing me Kappa

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