4* LV routing

Could all of the 4¤ stuff go into this thread. Having the forums be organised for easier finding would be nice :D

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Can you make the OP more clear on what this thread is about, how the route works, why it's useful?

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That's what he's asking people to do, yes


random stuff: highjack: going through the LV bridge is not as hard as patrick may make it out to be, using the more zoomed in camera made it slightly easier for me to get through. Getting past the earlier bridges though is too hard and too risky.

Toreno's last flight : I cannot seem to store the super heli in the doherty garage just by staying in the heli, i can only do it by getting out and pushing it into the garage, seems twice as harder and annoying than mike toreno heli strats, patrick if you can provide a video with s keys showing how you store it. Do note this: my flying skills are pretty poor.

Doing madd dogg (This mission enables cop cars and traffic again)just before smb seems the best option to me for now,even though it is probably not the optimal route. The less cops there is though = the more consistent 4¤ LV can be.

You've had your chips (would be useless anyway,probably)and BP both have points where max wanted level is set to 0. You've had your chips does it when the message pops up when you're close to the factory, BP does it when you grab the jetpack. I tried messing around with both and tried doing something similar to outrider but i could not find anything, feel free to test those 2,though.


The Madd Dogg thing was wrong, I think. In my two recent attempts traffic stopped spawning after it again, maybe with a delay. Madd Dogg doubles maximum vehicle density and vehicle density works by limiting the max number of vehicles spawned at the same time, afaik.

The heli strat is likely to be too slow but I will give you the video on the weekend.

Black Project does not use set_max_wanted_level as Outrider does so it probably does not work no matter what you do, probably. I do not know how it keeps your wanted level at 0 because I did not feel like finding out. It does not seem to be ClearWantedLevel.

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