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I Think that Los Santos% should be added to the leaderboards, because it is like Trevor% for GTA V and a lot of smaller streamers run that category instead of the full any%.

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It is 10x more likely that trevor% will be removed than LS added.


sux, i think it should be added, go figure why its not . Atleast i dont see any reason.

Friesland, Netherlands

People are encouraged to run the entire game rather than just Los Santos. Adding a sub-any% category would counteract said encouragement.

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South Georgia

come up with gimmick categories that are not just a part of any%. That stuff is ok for races but not leaderboards.

Like "Beat The Chiliad Challenge" or "Beat Trucking 5". Then you'd had your los santos + some non any% stuff.

United States

The main difference is LS% times are kind of found in Full Game, but San Andreas is a very interesting game in terms of a full run. GTA V is a boring game right after Floyd% (beating Friends Reunited), and Trevor% is a much more established category in GTA V because of the length.

Hampshire, England

"The problem with San Andreas any% is that the game is too long..." Then... don't run San Andreas competitively? It's not like there aren't other GTA games to choose from which aren't short enough, I get you may like this game and not the others but that's what makes San Andreas a different speedrun.

It's like, wanting to run SA 100% but not wanting to do all of it because it's too long so you do 20%. The route is different, the run is different, the challenge is different. Same with Los Santos%, it may be minor differences but they are still differences. It's not even as if the game supports IL speedruns (you can start every mission with a different set of weapons/stats/remaining HP/vehicles etc etc) so shorter runs can't be waaaaaay more optimised (The reason for ILs would be to have a perfect level in say, Nitronic Rush, for the best time possible). In this instance all Los Santos% runs would be inherently faster than Any% Los Santos because of the different route (while MINOR differences right now, who knows what it may be in future routes, and these differences right now are still too much) and not because it can be more optimised

Please don't misunderstand me though, I would never want to disencourage anyone to learn the game (completely the opposite), however I feel that just wanting to do Los Santos% not for fun, or for races, but because you want to compete on a leaderboard, is the wrong reason to run Los Santos%. Part of the challenge of GTA:SA is the length, not wanting to run the game because it's too long removes part of the speedrun.

The point of Los Santos% was and always has been to be a race goal, organising a 5+ hour race is always a hassle so sometimes we'd just do that. Hell we've even done Badlands/San Fierro/Whatever% before as a race goal. The rules don't make any sense, people probably had advantages due to weapons/stats/whatever on their saves, but it was just a race, for fun. Making something like that a leaderboard goal is not the point of the category.

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I guess you could make something like what Jolzi said, that would probably be a good choice, like with GTA 3 we have Kingdom Come for example.Josh makes good points, plus gimmick categories are always fun.

Friesland, Netherlands

[quote]but not wanting to do all of it because it's too long so you do 20%[/quote] Just 20% could actually be quite interesting. People have done 42% races for Vice City and the many paths to take and missions to do or not do make it interesting. Although SA not so much since you need to do most of any% before stuff is unlocked. Coming up with a counterargument, then immediately countering my own counterargument. Good job me!

[quote]Part of the challenge of GTA:SA is the length, not wanting to run the game because it's too long removes part of the speedrun. [/quote] Better find duping then OpieOP

South Georgia

Also another argument for not adding los santos to the leaderboards: some guy would need to verify the runs BrainSlug

S whens 20% race?


At first I wanted to see LS as a category, but theses posts changed my mind. Only thing I don't get is why '100 tags' can exist as a category?


It exists for the same reason any other collectibles category in any other gta game exist - to learn packages locations and possibly practice for 100% runs this way. Even if it doesn't work this way most of the time, i don't see why categories like this or all missions shouldn't exist.

Washington, USA

100 tags is the definition of a misc category. It has nothing to do with the main story and it's a very short run. As stated it is good practice for 100% which is why I tried it myself, not because I just decided it would be fun to randomly try out.

As for Trevor% imo the game is boring af and people would be less encouraged to run the game at all w/out it, but that's not the case with SA. Imo not running the full game is just a crutch to get LS% to exist in the first place and this argument has been going on for years. I just don't get why the topic just doesn't die already.

Personally I never got into SA to just run LS%. At the time I started running the game I wasn't a part of the community at all and just called it Any% practice when I did segmented runs then changed my titles to LS% not because of meme's and not because I took LS% seriously, but because the topic has always been popular enough for people to be attracted to that title over "Segmented Practice" or "Any% Practice" especially if someone didn't know what a speedrun even was they can relate to LS.

Even tho this topic is over a year old now I might as well add my full thoughts on it and why this topic shouldn't still be a thing.

no time for full runs, then do LS(+Badlands) on one day, then SF the other day, and Desert+LV on another day and RTLS on a final day repeat until you get good after a while you should be good enough to have time to do the full run in 2 segments (start to YKBB - YKBB to EotL) keep practicing ... ... and maybe one day you'll get some free time to do a full run

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Friesland, Netherlands

I would like to stress that you should practice LV, and even SF, Desert and RTLS, more than LS and Badlands. These cities/missions are much harder and you're more likely to fuck them up in runs. They're also a lot more fun.

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