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I got few questions about cutscene% category.
First of all cutscene is defined as something that is not interactive, where you do not have control, which means you are able to skip phonecall since you have control of CJ when you're speaking to phone. Next question is are you able to dupe missions if you just watch cutscene of the mission you begin? Then what if you accidentally skip a cutscene, is it then rejected run or can you just fail the mission and watch it then?

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As you said the phone calls can be skip cause you have control of CJ.

The dupe part should be by default be ban. Reason being when you dupe a mission you're skipping pass a mission therefore you'll never watch that cutscene therefore invalid run.

accidentally skipping a cutscene is on mod description if the run is valid or not.

of course the mods have the final say in this but that is my understanding of it.


The rules are clear on this

"Timing is the same as any%, but you must watch all cutscenes for each mission you begin."

If you don't begin a mission, you don't have to watch the cutscenes so duping is fair game. If you skip a cutscene then it's your own fault son

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