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Gta V: I plan to add a category that I think might be interesting and that is to raid all 20 stores in the game as quickly as possible.
Rules: You have to start time at the beginning of the game or in the first scene with Michael 10 years later. Which one do you prefer?
The first two missions can be skipped: Prologue and Franklin and Lamar.
The time ends when the character is seen to finish collecting the money from the last store, more specifically when the player returns to have control of the character. That's my way, it can also be when you lose the police after robbing store number 20.
What do you think, another category?

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it's good
what would the category be called?


Stores% or just stores

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I forgot something, this is up to the moderators to decide: allow taxi rides or not.
I would like it not to be allowed but it would not make sense because the first two missions are skipped but whatever, maybe then it would be better if the time starts with Michael in Los Santos and just skip Franklin and Lamar. Although it will take a weapon to rob the stores, there is a submachine gun on Grove Street you can grab that weapon and go to the first store that is near there

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I think it is not necessary to use weapons to raid the store, I think that with the R2 (aim button), you can also rob the store with Chop's ball


Yeah, you're right


I pick up this conversation after a long time.
Speedrun All stores% raid the 19 stores of the game as fast as possible.
Here I have a test of what a new category could be, the rules are:
Time begins in the lunderdorff text, north yankton, 9 years ago.
Time ends after skipping the last cutscene where Franklin finishes robbing the cash register.
If you are lucky, you can take taxis if you miss the police.
That's all I hope it's to your liking

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Sounds like a fun category

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Not a bad idea, if others run it I'd be happy to add it.

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I have an idea for san andreas. What if there is a category called wrecked% where we have to drive a wrecked vehicle as fast as possible in the game (wrecked means vehicle which has been blowed once but the fire has been put out before the second blast)


Where will the timer start and where will it end?


most probably it will start with the start of the game and end with any cutscene of the game (since a cutscene is necessary to put out fire after blast no1)

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Bit of an improvement using Repossession to respawn and use Bullet/lose cops.
Sucks the game doesn't track stores robbed as a stat as it does in Online, pain to verify I guess.
The game does remember you robbed stores since it tells you it's closed due to being recently robbed, even after mission failing, the downside to mission failing is it restores the money you had at the start of Repo, but I guess it's more about robbing stores rather than keeping the money from it.
One thing that can go wrong is reaching the next store too fast(store 2 for me), the cashier might not spawn and it doesn't let you press E to take money and c4 doesn't open the register, but it's only been that one so far so might be able to route around.
I'd rather the start time be in agreement with misc. categories from V, starting at Franklin/Lamar to skip pointless waiting in Prologue.

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Just got around to adding it since multiple people have run it now. Feel free to submit.

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San Andreas all Couriers (Timer starts after starting New Game)

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