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One Bus Fare belongs among the ranks of seagull snipe, hooker%, and nice guy bonus IMO, and has a degree of strategy to it. I've done several runs, so you can see for yourself what it's like.
[3:04]( August 24, 2015
[1:43]( April 16, 2016
[1:12]( April 29, 2019
[0:56]( April 29, 2019
srcom sucks and isn't letting me create hyperlinks with custom text properly, but yeah

Also, I already submitted my GP hundo run under 69 HP as a request because I wasn't sure what to do without "non-existent category", but yeah. That one is also fully suited to memes IMO since it's just 100% but on a different official game version, yet the difference in content is currently determined to bar GP 100% runs from being on the main 100% leaderboard (no rampages, two missions cut). It's kind of like in-game 100% in that sense.

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