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Hello, everybody. Today I propose a challenge for all of you: Becoming a billionaire with at least one of your characters (without using glitches). That may seem almost impossible for some people when your handicapped to not being able to use glitches, but there is a sure-fire way of doing this: Stock Markets. There's a video by IGN that can serve as a sort of tutorial on how to use it right:
Other than that, it's the same RTA rules. The timer ends when 1 billion or higher is in your bank account. This should take 7 to 7 and a half hours or so, which is the main reason I'm not running this myself. Reply or DM me if you're interested. 🙂


I've considered doing a run like this for awhile, so it's cool that I'm not the only one who's interested. Good luck to anyone who tries to run this.


Mission skips allowed?


So you do the main story plus some extra side missions and stock trading. Sounds pretty lame to me.


If GTA V game rules are to be followed to a tee, there's one rule that makes this extremely tedious, if not impossible.
• Any strat that requires an active internet connection is banned. This includes but is not limited to: Using the Rockstar companion 'Ifruit app' on your real life smart device to affect your gameplay(even if just visually), trying to enter and exit the rockstar editor to force a random switch.
3 of the 6 stocks require use of the BAWSAQ stock market, which cannot be accessed without an internet connection. Whether BAWSAQ stocks are allowed is up to the category extension moderators for this, but I highly doubt any category like this would ever be run without significantly decreasing the required money.

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