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It isn’t listed here but it is in the discord group. It only says VC runs but i guess this is a rule for every gta game.


Old runs such as this doesn't follow the rule. They should all be rejected or it should be explained in the rules that it only applies to top runs or something, but yeah it should be put in the rules, even in the main gta san andreas board....

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"Any% (no AJS) rules apply (with a few exceptions)", the exceptions don't mention you can do a run without restarting the game.
I hope you know where to find the ruleset for SA runs.

@dhadha they don't follow the rule because it has not always been a rule in the past and the change has literally zero effect to the final time.


It refers to this rule:
"• The video must show initial load of the game."

While it could be stated more clear like "Inbetween each attempt, you need to re-open the game to get rid of unintended stat buffs", but this rule is so that unintended stat buffs won't affect your new game. Because it does. I agree it's unclear, but the rule is there