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All rules that apply to GTA V main leaderboard categories apply here as well.
All runs must start from the save file linked below:
The entire loading process of the save file must be recorded and shown, this includes selecting it in the menu, not just the loading itself.

The timer begins upon gaining control of the game, and the timer ends on the first frame of the mission passed screen of the final completed mission.
Classic Rules apply, which are the following:
• No fast travel via taxi service. Taxis can be stolen like normal vehicles.
• No failed mission skips (Failing a mission three times to skip to the next checkpoint).
The following missions that must be completed are:
Grass Roots - Michael/Trevor
Exercising Demons - Michael/Trevor
The Epsilon Program missions - Up to and including "Unknowing the Truth"
All Five of Trevor's Rampages
Target Practice and Fair Game
The Civil Border Patrol, An American Welcome, and Minute Man Blues
Special Bonds, Death at Sea, and What Lies Beneath
All Vinewood Souvenirs Missions up to and including The Last Act
All of Josh's missions up to and including Breach of Contract
Mrs. Phillips/Damaged Goods
The Last One
ie. The player must complete everything labelled as strangers and freaks on rockstar social club that hasn't already been completed on the save file.

I have already completed a run:
I started running this as practice for an expanded version of this that would start from a new game instead of a save file but would take considerably longer (at least 13 hours).

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