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Edited Update 1 FEB 2016:

There is your form to get more acquainted with the marathon. Here you can find submission forms for runs and races. The quicker games are submitted the faster we can start building the schedule. The submission forms will most likely remain open until the second week of February, and your responses will remain editable until that time in case for changes in your submission (to include adding and removing submitted games.)

Again, use this forum as a means of discussing the marathon but I will always be reachable through my Twitch or Twitter profiles.

The list of games submitted thus far can be viewed here:

More information soon!

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I was gonna post this in the other thread but I'll post it here now this is open...

I am happy to help with the technical side of the marathon like I have done before (which includes making the layouts too, although if anyone wants to give me any ideas for the layout ideas they are free to do that) and if really needed I might be able to help out with the scheduling, but it's not my strong point and I'd rather not be doing both things so I can put more effort into the layouts/tech.

I'll fill in that form later today, as I'm happy to run some games/categories too but need to put together a list first!

The other idea people were mentioning about having the finale of the GTA3 tournament in the marathon sounds like a good idea too if both things can overlap easily.


Soo is there a deadline for submissions?

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Not officially a deadline but if you wait until February 8th or any time after that you MIGHT have a more difficult time getting your run submitted.

I will put more information out about deadlines / scheduling / runner's availability soon.


I submitted games

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The list of submitted / accepted / rejected runs as of this point:

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