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For the after party, which GTA would you guys want to play online?

MTA has been the finale for 2 years now, I would like to think this is because GTAV wasn't out on PC at the time but it's really up to you guys if you wanna bring back MTA or move to GTAO.

I don't really know enough about MTA because I haven't played it so let me know.



B(oth), depending on how many people are strongly for one or the other, or if it's a close vote.


A: MTA, because I'm a selfish bastard who also wants to have some fuhn.


isn't GTAOnline up to 16 players only, is that enough if we want to allow viewers to join the MTA/GTAO Party ?


I think it's 32 players for GTAO


if you guys are going to be just racing might as well go with MTA, but for anything else GTAO seems to be better? except that some people still don't have it.


I'd prefer GTAO, but the player limitation might be an issue.


MTA, or play GTAO for 90 minutes then switch to MTA and play that until indefinity.

MTA has a functioning UI, doesnt randomly kick people out of servers and is overall just working properly. It also has a server lying around (meaning we can control what is going on, kick trolls etc) that is being paid for and not used a lot, it needs some love. Not to mention GTAO gets limited severely if you're with more than 16 people.

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Doing both is a great idea.

I like including GTAO somewhere because it hasn't been done in the marathon before. Also, I have not played around with it too much but surely we can create or find some cool custom games and make a specific playlist?


I gues both, like in 2 parts. MTA and then Online.


GTAO is cooler to hang around, but 30 player limit...


GTAO is fun but with MTA it is alot easier to get connected to the servers.

With GTAO though we can show hide n go seek and other fun gamemodes where MTA is just driving

however MTA limit is what 64?
GTAO is what 32?


GTAO is 32, 8 on some games modes. MTA can go up to 128 I think, although Im not sure how much the server can handle, probably 64


MTA is just driving

There are other gamemodes in MTA, but noone ever does them for some reason.