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This is probably a bad idea, but there were so many great moments during this marathon and I'd like to see them gathered in one place, so I'm reaching to you with this idea of mine. I want to sacrifice myself and prepare a highlight reel, which would include all the amazing moments and good maymays from the marathon. I think this would make for a great memento of this marathon. All I want from you is to list ALL the memorable moments of this marathon. I didn't watch every single run and I don't really want to spend another ~100 hours of my life watching the entire marathon all over again, so I'm counting on you people. Just remember about this when you are rewatching yours or someone else's runs. Please, include timestamps if you can, or at least leave me a clue that can help me find it. I can also probably include twitch chat if there is a need for it (inb4 it's going to take ages)
I'm going to start working on this after my finals (2nd half of May), so you have a lot of time to post your suggestions. Of course it would be best if you did it as fast as possible, because you probably won't remember anything by the end of this month.
Hopefully, I'll be able to deliver the video sometime in June (it depends on amount of your suggestions, if I don't get many of them this video will mostly consist of Driver 4Head )

And yes, zoton's memes on restream also count, I guess OneHand

EDIT: I changed my mind and I'm actually going to rewatch the entire marathon for a certain secret reason (or at least run it in the background and depend on audio cues). If you want to make my life slightly easier and you are going to rewatch any run in its entirety, please contact me, because there's something ~extra~ I'd like you to look for. I also have 60 days until gtamarathon broadcasts disappear (I can download them, but I'd like to keep chat in its original form), so I've got to hurry up. And yeah, please keep posting your personal highlights, I won't be able to catch everything on my own.

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- The part where my ambulance did a wheelie after warping on Paramedic may be worth putting on there. (

- PCJ flipping around and killing me at the airport (

- Fatzke's excitement over sniping seagulls at the end of VC bingo.

- Rolling away with the Hunter (

will edit this post with further suggestions


where I get busted on 99 red balloons


pitpo pushing the remains of the comet on waste the wife


Post getting busted during mad dogg drop. (around 10-13 hours)


The part in Total Overdose where my character disappeared on the airstrip (should be about 1 hour into the run).


For SA I really need timestamps or anything that could help me find it.


I can't really tell what part of my trainwreck is good (it's just highlight gold tbh), but here are some things:

me saying "we are done with downtown" and getting busted immideately with 100k left.
me getting runover by tank in residential end.
me saying something is free and easy and dying/getting busted (whole run + many times on industrial)
me thinking that picking up kill frenzy with car is possible and screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO oh it doesn't pick up"
me finishing that garbage run with style 😎


My whole Bully run cause it actually went well and did not crash.

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Omega literally break dancing with the Dodo on the ground for a minute or two.

At 2:36:25 (VOD time) here :

"Yes, this is definitely a dodo showcase xd" - Redlof


Notice how it took only a minute into the first run of the marathon for shit to happen.

"wouldn't be a marathon without some stupid shit" - Zoton

"lmao, that looked so fucked I thought it must've been intentional" - Adam

Also notice how literally two seconds before this happenes Noz says "try not to crash or flip"...

At 8:30 (VOD time)


If you will end up including the chat so here's a positive chat moment when the first run in the marathon goes over-estimate and the chat conspires to break Karl's legs for it.

"First run of the marathon and just completely chokes" - Karl

Open this link : to view the chat replay.

At 1:33:55 (VOD time)


RIP last Mr Whoopee..

2:49:10 (VOD time)


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