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If you have any kind of feedback please post it in here. Since we are better than ¤GDQ events we don't need any kind of two week waiting.


Well, i missed almost everything (saw like 50 min of it), but congratz to you Eid and Shanz for successful event organization,also congratz to all runners and i also hope i will have more time for watching marathon next time 😉.


Get a better RTMP plug-in Kappa b


Watched almost everything, and enjoyed it veeery much !
Alot of awesome people on stream that i like to watch and who are also very entertaining 🙂
Very nice commentary over most games by Eidgod who explained most things when the runner did no, or barely any commentary.

My favorite games, ran by my favorite people over the span of 5 days.
It couldnt get any better.
So thanks to Eid and Shanz for hosting, and the communtiy for taking part on this event 🙂
Definately looking forward for the next one ! 🙂 /

\ FrankerZ /


Really good marathon, well organised, good layouts, good commentaries. GG everyone.

My one complaint would be the lack of the lesser known GTA games. I know it can be difficult when there are no runners for the games, or those runners aren't really in the community. Perhaps more of an effort could be made to seek out people for the lesser know games, for example any CW speedrunning research would have lead you to Greenalink¤ a lot sooner, and it shouldn't have been that hard to get VCS in. And if there really is nobody to run a game, like GTA: Advance, then perhaps a blind race? It's a #gta tradition after all.

¤Greenalink was saying for ages before the marathon that he wasn't able to get in contact with the organisers, so maybe another thing to bare in mind next time would be to check the 'other' folder on Twitch more often 😉


^ grathargor is the only GTA Advance runner and is known in the community. As for old school GTAs i run them, but I can´t stream in a watchable quality because of internet. The person above you could have done a run but didnt. I saw posts of Greenalink in this forum so he could have posted anywhere here in the sections.

Lack of runners or contact is not the problem, it´s more like a lack of interest of those who could have done some. Nevertheless it was a well organized event with no schedule problems, which was very nice.


It was pretty good, the fact we had some non GTA games been shown like Hit & Run, Driver etc was good and I throughally enjoyed the cutscene %'s.
The MTA party at the end was a great way to cap off the whole show. Gee Gee everyone.


It was awesome joining the VC race, and it feels even better being part of such an awesome community! 🙂
You guys can feel proud about such a successful event!


The Riot% race was fun, even if it meant getting up at 3:30am for it. lol But overall, I enjoyed the marathon.


Great layouts (I think zoton made them?) and the RTMP thing seems pretty neat (despite the occasional problems), especially because of the smaller delay for commentating and stuff. And I liked the clever use of OBS with the changing layouts.

I didn't watch all of the runs, but the ones I watched were certainly entertaining. (And thanks to Jolzi for racing me.)



Where can i download it Kappa + day long 30 hours pls. =D


I liked the marathon a lot, however if there is going to be another one. It might be a good idea to maybe call it #gta marathon, where people of the community speed run other games that aren't GTA, I mean sure we can still have GTA in there but I think it would be interesting tbh. I know we all don't speed run just GTA (apart from a select few) so yeah, just an idea but I really enjoyed the marathons.

Thanks for hosting, also thanks for letting me do my dumb race idea.


May as well bump this. How did everyone like the marathon? What was your favourite run? What did we do right or wrong? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I really enjoyed the marathon, I loved being part of it with my 2 VC race (even if I suck and finish last on both). There were a lot of good runs, most GTA games not ran last time (GTA2, Advance, VCS and CW) were run this time, that's nice.
I think there was a good ratio of GTA vs non-GTA games.
Layouts were even better than last time (GG ffzZotonFace ), except for GTA III bingo, it seems like the bingo card was wider than the VC so it ended up being smaller. Maybe limiting bingo to 3 players would allow to have a bigger bingo card on stream.

Regarding the schedule (I know that scheduling is hard and even more difficult when you need to deal with people availability), I felt like the two 100% runs were too close to each other and that the last day shouldn't be 1 GTA and 3 non-GTA. Also GTA III All Missions or 100% would have been nice but the GTA3 runners rather submit to ESA than to GTAMarathon Kappa

For next the next GTAMarathon (GTAMarathon2015 DLC Edition), we might have to find new GTA-clone to be run (hit&run, Driver PL, RDR and True Crime were ran at both marathon), maybe we'll need to reach out GTA-clone runner ourself, for example Ouga probably could have done a WatchDogs this time if we thought about it. (the fact that he's always in #gta make it even worse FailFish )

Finally, next time we will need to remember to contact SRL to be on whitelist (15 days before the marathon)


If you would like your marathon to be whitelisted, please PM a moderator, and/or send an e-mail to the SRL e-mail address at