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That name isn't official, by the way, but I am going to attempt to organize a second GTA Marathon set to happen around March 28 - April 5 (dates can change, if needed). Hopefully we can make this work out, and we're going to have to start with the game submissions, so we can create a schedule.

Submit here:
Submissions will end on March 20.


Remember only to submit GTA or GTA clones though 😛

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i think summer like july august would be better becasue more runners have that time free but maybe i am the only one who thinks that


If people would rather have it in only September / in the summer, then I don't mind


what if i submit a run but find out on the day i'm supposed to do my run that i'm busy?


Well make sure in the "dates available" box that you pick days/times that you can for sure be free, then make sure nothing else comes up. If some emergency pops up I guess we could get substitute runners or something


I have one question. Does a Hitman-game counts as "GTA similar"? If yes I may would submit Hitman Blood Money (the only game I can run consistently).

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^Are you serious? xD

Btw Is there an overview of already submitted games somewhere? Would be interesting to see...


I thought maybe it counts xD I know it is not open world and so, but I want to ask to give it a try. But of course I can understand if that doesn't count 😉


Here is the page of what's already submitted.
Of course, don't worry about submitting something that is already there, we can always make a race OneHand

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Yeah maybe GTA marathons should happend in summer and winter at same dates. 2 times every year 🙂. Double the fun

I could submit gta v but my free time is very limited, i cant stream during nights etc. so will see. I can take a free day but you know, theres always something come up that you cant predict. 😕

The interesting thing is that GTA V PC comes out on march 24th for pc and its hard to say if it will be faster or slower then old gen versions 😃, ahrder to decide on which platform becasue it would require some runs etc. 😃


I see someone has beat me to this. I was actually going to make a topic on this soon.

If anyone wants to be apart of organizing the next marathon then you should let us know.

I was actually thinking about May/June & October/December to maximize the amount of people that can actually take part, as there was some complaints last time. But it's nice to see that others wanting to get the ball rolling.

It's far enough away that we don't have to rush things. But yes, it is a community channel so when the next marathon will happen is up to you guys. I will do my best at making the next one happen. Right now I am pretty flexiable on dates

What we do need however is people to host the actual stream. Me, Eidgod, Zoton and Raven did it last year and it was just too much. We were doing super long shifts and waking up at stupid o'clock so the current host could get some sleep. It was kind of exhausting and it burnt me out for about a week after.

Zoton did a really good job with the layout last time, if you need advice feel free to ask him, sure he won't mind. Oasiz is a wizard at the tech side of things too. I can help with the schedule and as well as contacting people about their runs, keeping the team page up to date/dealing with twitch side of things/ideas/cut process etc

Shoutouts to pretty much everyone for being flexible and keeping their slots last marathon.

Finally, when's Chaos 100%?

P.S I still have some GTAmarathon runs that need to go on youtube, but my computer hates me. If someone else wants to try then send me a message

P.S.S Me and Eidgod hold the keys to the twitch channel, if you need something updated or feel if you can improve on anything let us know.

I had a blast last time, let's make it happen again! (no AVAST updating voice this time, promise) gtaTyr

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15 hours for all robberies though Kappa

I could help out with something like hosts if people are running short, but I'm not sure if anyone would want me because I'm still new here OpieOP


Yeah the dates I picked probably won't work out for everyone, so suggest different dates if that's your case. Also, Shanz: I can host the strim, and I'm in an American time zone so that should work out a bit better. Another thing is that I'd like to update some stuff on the GTAMarathon channel but you don't have to give me the password if you don't want to DendiFace

  [user deleted]

Staab, 15 hours is a pretty generous estimate. More often than not the run only takes like, 6 hours cirSmug

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I can provide English commentary for the stream and also am willing to participate in GTA VC races outside of the ones I submitted - Chaos%, SSA%, etc.


Whens the last date for submissions?


I'm in for a GTA 3 Any% race this time, now that I'm actually good at it. Kappa


If Most Wanted% is accepted, the theme from "COPS" must play on repeat for the duration of the run.

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ToriksLV, idk it's way too early to determine something like that

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