The idea of a GTA Marathon was conceived by JustShanz and eidgod, incorporating GTA and "GTA clone" speedruns, and bringing the community together around a marathon of its own. The first marathon was held in September 2014, organized by them both; a second one was organized by Mhmd_FVC in April 2015.

Both marathons were loads of fun combining great runs and great memes, so due to popular demand, a third marathon took place in early April 2016, organized by JOEdrinksBEER and Odyssic. This marathon did a great job at including popular runs from older GTA marathons, as well as many new games and categories, while also showcasing some of the newer (and great) GTA speedrunners who emerged during that year.

The most recent GTA Marathon took place in April 2017, and it was our most successful marathon to date. Organized by Kyle and Ryedawg, the marathon evolved to a point where the decision was made to not include clones, and have non-stop GTA for the entirety instead. The broadcast was even on the front page of Twitch for a significant portion of the marathon, allowing for a wider range of viewers to check out GTA speedrunning, and speedrunning itself, for themselves.