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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Forum  /  Help w/ Autosplitter?

Ok, so I've been thinking of trying out the Portland category of this game (might try others in the future, but that's irrelevant right now), well and basically I downloaded the Autosplitter, since I assumed that splitting for Portland would be pretty much the same thing as Any%, only difference being less splits, and it actually appears to work fine, even shows the "Game version: detected" thing, though whatever settings I select, it doesn't seem to Start/Reset the timer or Split anywhere, even tried changing my splits category to Any% - considering Portland is actually under "Grand Theft Auto Category Extensions" which acts like a different game in the Splits editor - although that didn't seem to change anything either... soo am I missing something? Btw sorry if I should've asked in like the Autosplitter thread, I just didn't see anyone else replying in there (other than the thread creator), hence why I decided to rather make a new one instead..


You have a version of LCS that is not supported by the autosplitter.

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Yeah, been sorted on Discord so no further replies required 🙂