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So, I was wondering what people thought about the categories for GTA IV speedruns, I was thinking about picking this game up one day as I actually did like this game no matter how much I complain about the driving/PC port.
I used to watch eTholon and Dispersor when they did runs of Classic% but ever since they stopped doing it I've been itching for some speedruns.

Classic% has some limitations over Any%, which are: "autosave disabled, vehicle density 33%, no fast travel via taxi service." which make the game more like the 3D GTA games and remove a lot of RNG and setting manipulation to get taxi spawns, however its just so much slower than what Any% could be (You need to go into the graphics settings mid run and change the vehicle density to its maximum when you're looking for a Taxi, but then turn it back down to its lowest when driving so there are less cars on the road).

I'm not one to like arbitrary categories, but I really think running Any% would be a pain in the ass. I just really can't make my mind up over what I'd rather run and just wondered what anyone else thought

EDIT: Also, does anyone even know what the WR for Any% is? I can't find anything about it, if anyone has even done Single Segment runs of it

EDIT2: Ok so I did some digging and it seems no one has done a Single Segment Any% run and submitted it anywhere, the only Any% run I can find is the heavily segmented SDA one from years ago.

I smell E Z W R


Classic% is any% with classic rules. Dispersor has the WR for normal and arbitrary any% in a single segment.


I would encourage you to do the normal any%. It would be really interesting to see how low the time can get in SS with the possibilities you are given by the game (no made up limitations). Considering the segmented WR is 4:40h, it would probably take as long as San Andreas or slightly less. And about pain in the ass... you never know if you don´t try it.


i smell a big ''blind'' race incoming KappaHD


i suggested long ago to do a gta4 trilogy race. but everyone is too afraid BibleThump


fuck gta 4 SwiftRage


I would be up for a GTA IV Trilogy race

I would probably want to kill myself at the end of it but fuck it


Can't be worse than the first 3 trilogy blind race josh.

Also i just checked gta4 streams on twitch. 100% of them were speedruns (2/2). The faster guy of the 2 was 10 min behind dispersors run when the timer was at 28 min. I guess non of those 2 did beat his time. But i'm not sure what category he is running. Autosave is on, but he doesn't use taxis in places it would save time.


Yeah I just had a look and again there are two people streaming, one is just doing taxi missions and hasn't split for over 30 minutes, the other is punching Dardin(?) instead of getting a gun from a police car at the start...


If I were to pick up this game, which I tried once off-stream, it would be any%. But I got stuck in all the other games.

I really dont see the merits of classic%, as any% fixed the things that everyone seemed to complain about in GTASA (long driving routes).

As for menuing to change traffic: Good, I could use a game with some menuing
As for autosaves: Game crash aint so bad now!

This is what convinced me to do any% instead of classic% for the 5 minutes that I ran this game


Autosaves costs you time and since you are forced to drive all the time in the beginning the first 20 minutes of any% and classic% are almost the same.


I personally prefer any% over classic% for the IV series, classic% you're just purposely making yourself go slow, as for a gta IV trilogy race I would love to do one but you guys already know my 2 reasons why I can't


What I can say about GTA 4 is that sport cars are really rare in main game. So doing any% and using taxi instead will help you a ton of going around quickly.

I don't remember when you get to use Roman's taxi service or if you need to do a few side missions to get that. But in remote places that can help you out to get a car and or a taxi skip. (Death warps might be more useful tho).

Classic% in GTA 4 I see fit best in with TBoGT dlc as this will give you a lot more sport cars spawning around in the town and is shorter in general.

GTA 4 Trilogy race I'm up for. Just name time and category/s 😃