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This is the current route/plan I'll be using, mind you it's tweaked to my pace and will continue to be updated over time. GTA IV is too complex to ever have a universal route/plan, mainly due to pace differences which lead to differences in the time of day at any given point in the run. It has nothing to do with RNG, well, other than the few activity calls which must come in at some point during the run. These few calls can trip up anyone's plan in a minor way, but as long as you've memorized which missions unlock which messages, learned the message timers, learned how unavailability times work, and lastly, but most importantly, gained a lot of experience with the game, then you should have no issue coming up with a plan which is best for your pace whether you start with mine and make changes or start from scratch.

My route/plan:
Learn the calls/texts through this thread:

Most Wanted:
Drug Deliveries:
Exotic Exports:
Stevie Car Thefts:
Random Characters:
Fixer's Assassinations:
Friend Activities:

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It's been known that you can skip Ray's message(s) if he's dead, and after being reminded about this again, this time by Omega, I've finally rerouted the end of the run to reflect this, with some help from Omega. Only one of two of his calls are skipped ("I hear you have the Ancelotti's daughter..."), because it wouldn't make sense to skip the other ("I hear you and the Peg are getting close...") in the speedrun, and it's probably not even possible to do so in the first place.

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Rerouted the end, again. This should work without issue.

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I've changed my route between Deconstruction For Beginners and the interview. This should work for the type of pace I'm usually on, even above my average. It's not possible for a troll call to come in with this route as well. A call from Roman has been removed from the route because today I found out it's not needed and gets deleted from the queue after completing Out Of The Closet pt.1, Have A Heart, and Photo Shoot (thanks to Powdinet). I can't say much more about it until I test it out.


Changes have been made to the route between Puerto Rican Connection and Undertaker. A few things to take note of:
1. I've included a message tree so that I/you can easily plan for whatever happens with the messages after Have A Heart.
2. Receiving the call from Mallorie about Roman's disappearance will block the call from Mallorie about Michelle being a cop until you've completed Hostile Negotiation.
3. Mallorie's call about Elizabeta going to prison is not affected by the call regarding Roman's disappearance.
4. French Tom will be waiting at the diner -03:00 hours ahead of the scheduled time and will remain until +03:05 after the scheduled time. The heart marker may not appear due to completing a mission between appointment reminder times, but pay no attention to this.
5. If you're unfortunate enough to be blocked from receiving Mallorie's call about Michelle being a cop, this call will most likely come in just after Hostile Negotiation, before the Paper Trail triggering call. Continue to wait for the Paper Trail call if it's not the first. If you receive the Paper Trail call before Mallorie's call, you'll have to wait for a message between Holland Nights and A Long Way To Fall (see #6).
6. If you received Mallorie's call about Elizabeta "doing a bid" prior to TLC, you won't need to wait for it later on between TLC and Lure. I recommend hailing your cab before killing the target on Holland Nights so that you'll be able to quickly warp to the next mission before receiving the end of mission call (like after Museum Piece).
7. It may be possible to receive Brucie's text, unlocked by Puerto Rican Connection, between The Snow Storm and Have A Heart if you're on extremely good pace. Only wait if you'll be getting the text prior to 01:00 AM. The text has a 2h timer and therefore cannot be received before The Snow Storm. (It's very unlikely that anyone will be on this kind of pace for a long time)

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I added routing docs to the first post in this thread, under 100%. Others will be added later.

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