Any% in 3h 49m 35s* by StigStig - 3rd place

Revolutionary run.

Time with loads: 3h 59m 13s

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Submitted by StigStig on

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Name Duration Finished at
The Cousins Bellic 0m 42s 498ms 0m 42s 498ms
It's Your Call 2m 57s 327ms 3m 39s 825ms
Three's a Crowd 2m 16s 537ms 5m 56s 362ms
Bleed Out 1m 47s 154ms 7m 43s 516ms
First Date 1m 53s 729ms 9m 37s 245ms
Easy Fare 2m 32s 546ms 12m 09s 791ms
Bull in a China Shop 1m 40s 767ms 13m 50s 558ms
Jamaican Heat 2m 20s 071ms 16m 10s 629ms
Concrete Jungle 2m 55s 491ms 19m 06s 120ms
Hung Out to Dry 0m 57s 848ms 20m 03s 968ms
Cab Getaway 1m 54s 889ms 21m 58s 857ms
Ivan the Not So Terrible 1m 12s 109ms 23m 10s 966ms
Uncle Vlad 2m 03s 25m 13s 966ms
Crime and Punishment 3m 22s 048ms 28m 36s 014ms
Do You Have Protection? 2m 07s 558ms 30m 43s 572ms
Final Destination 1m 11s 177ms 31m 54s 749ms
No Love Lost 0m 52s 141ms 32m 46s 890ms
Shadow 1m 56s 528ms 34m 43s 418ms
Logging On 1m 18s 464ms 36m 01s 882ms
Rigged to Blow 2m 56s 830ms 38m 58s 712ms
The Master and the Molotov 1m 16s 344ms 40m 15s 056ms
Search and Delete 1m 55s 595ms 42m 10s 651ms
Easy as Can Be 1m 39s 110ms 43m 49s 761ms
Russian Revolution 2m 37s 178ms 46m 26s 939ms
Roman's Sorrow 1m 44s 354ms 48m 11s 293ms
Escuela of the Kyle's Spreadsheet 4m 22s 966ms 52m 34s 259ms
Street Sweeper 1m 10s 744ms 53m 45s 003ms
wasn't a good run anyway... 3m 11s 345ms 56m 56s 348ms
Blow Your Carpet 3m 14s 336ms 1h 00m 10s 684ms
Out of the Closet 1m 35s 866ms 1h 01m 46s 550ms
The Puerto Rican Connection 2m 22s 918ms 1h 04m 09s 468ms
Deconstruction for Beginners 2m 07s 680ms 1h 06m 17s 148ms
Photo Shoot% 1m 09s 056ms 1h 07m 26s 204ms
The Snow Storm 2m 28s 521ms 1h 09m 54s 725ms
Have a Heart 0m 58s 173ms 1h 10m 52s 898ms
I fucking hate... 3m 23s 504ms 1h 14m 16s 402ms
Final Interview... 1m 38s 511ms 1h 15m 54s 913ms
Wrong is Right 1m 54s 106ms 1h 17m 49s 019ms
Portrait of a Killer - -
Harbouring a Grudge - -
aaa frog, late again... 7m 26s 967ms 1h 25m 15s 986ms
Dust Off 4m 23s 805ms 1h 29m 39s 791ms
Run Not, Reset Not 4m 27s 689ms 1h 34m 07s 480ms
UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 2m 38s 300ms 1h 36m 45s 780ms
Hostile Negotiation 2m 24s 133ms 1h 39m 09s 913ms
noDuping 3m 28s 514ms 1h 42m 38s 427ms
Three Leaf Balaclava 7m 20s 097ms 1h 49m 58s 524ms
Holland Nights 1m 40s 084ms 1h 51m 38s 608ms
A Long Way to Fall 2m 24s 564ms 1h 54m 03s 172ms
Taking in the Rubbish 4m 26s 244ms 1h 58m 29s 416ms
Meltdown 3m 48s 383ms 2h 02m 17s 799ms
Museum Piece 1m 43s 369ms 2h 04m 01s 168ms
No Way on the Subway 2m 28s 407ms 2h 06m 29s 575ms
Lure 2m 37s 593ms 2h 09m 07s 168ms
Smackdown 3m 24s 657ms 2h 12m 31s 825ms
Actions Speak Louder Than Words 7m 25s 055ms 2h 19m 56s 880ms
Weekend at Florian's 2m 14s 187ms 2h 22m 11s 067ms
I Need More Space for That Title 2m 07s 221ms 2h 24m 18s 288ms
Babysitting 4m 22s 2h 28m 40s 288ms
Late Molotovs Pickup 3m 08s 167ms 2h 31m 48s 455ms
Tunnel of Death 5m 46s 023ms 2h 37m 34s 478ms
Blood Brothers 2m 49s 094ms 2h 40m 23s 572ms
Undertaker 4m 17s 720ms 2h 44m 41s 292ms
Hating Hating the Haters 2m 51s 650ms 2h 47m 32s 942ms
Swing Hustle 3m 10s 679ms 2h 50m 43s 621ms
Pegorino's Pride 6m 19s 814ms 2h 57m 03s 435ms
Union Softlock 2m 32s 276ms 2h 59m 35s 711ms
Payback 2m 28s 728ms 3h 02m 04s 439ms
Catch the Wave 7m 03s 868ms 3h 09m 08s 307ms
Trespass 2m 51s 817ms 3h 12m 00s 124ms
Flatline 2m 49s 199ms 3h 14m 49s 323ms
Buoys Ahoy 2m 11s 349ms 3h 17m 00s 672ms
I'll Take Her... 1m 23s 042ms 3h 18m 23s 714ms
...I'll Take Her 1m 30s 569ms 3h 19m 54s 283ms
To Live and Explode in Alderney 5m 18s 876ms 3h 25m 13s 159ms
Pest Control... 1m 12s 906ms 3h 26m 26s 065ms
Entourage 3m 35s 247ms 3h 30m 01s 312ms
...Pest Control 1m 51s 763ms 3h 31m 53s 075ms
Dying Out 2m 02s 946ms 3h 33m 56s 021ms
Liquidise the Assets 1m 38s 217ms 3h 35m 34s 238ms
She's a Loading Screen Skipper 2m 01s 153ms 3h 37m 35s 391ms
That Special Someone 2m 18s 600ms 3h 39m 53s 991ms
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend 5m 20s 033ms 3h 45m 14s 024ms
One Last Thing... 0m 36s 751ms 3h 45m 50s 775ms
A Dish Served Cold 3m 29s 539ms 3h 49m 20s 314ms
Mr. and Mrs. Bellic 2m 27s 163ms 3h 51m 47s 477ms
In Mourning 0m 22s 539ms 3h 52m 10s 016ms
Out of Whack 7m 03s 435ms 3h 59m 13s 451ms
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