Consideration for a rain fix for DE (if played on v1.0)
2 years ago

So we all know the rain is terrible, but supposedly GSG / R* have a fix in 1.02.

However, that version also fixes the weapon sliding glitch and I'm not even sure if the rain is still as terrible as it is (as in, the fix perhaps only being that it finally renders on-top of the water?)

Now I know the rules say no modifications but I thought I'd ask whether a small texture-mod like this one would be allowed for the leaderboards (at least the v1.0):

I kinda expect a no as an answer already, but hey, you never know without asking

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I guess this can be locked / deleted now seeing as 1.03 has MASSIVELY improved the rain in all 3 games.

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There will be an embargo for speedruns of the definitive edition of 2 weeks. What this means is that the mods of the respective games will not accept any run that is completed before Nov 25th. This is both to allow everyone to actually play the game, and

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