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(edited: )

This is a post from the "anti post revival project". 😉
Thanks, Derpeth, for restoring this from google cache, lev for editing it back in, and Kamiks for nagging anti and me with edit requests. 😉

Having separate threads for individual instapasses is still ideal, but this is just to keep everything in one place. I'll try to add to this if something is found/forgotten

Cipriani's Chauffeur -> TAXI DRIVER

SCAM -> Patriot Playground

Grand Theft Aero -> A Ride in the Park

Chaperone -> Big'n'Veiny

Cipriani's Chauffeur -> I Scream, You Scream

Evidence Dash -> Multistory Mayhem

Shima -> Casino Calamity
Shima can be duped and after passing you'll have a leftover instance that can be used to instapass Casino Calamity

Smack Down -> Gripped

Rigged to Blow -> Rumpo Rampage

e2g -> Gone Fishing


Prevents Taxi Driver from being able to be started again

Evidence Dash -> Gangcar Round-up

Invalid in All Missions

The Getaway -> Blowfish

TAXI DRIVER -> Blowfish
Crashes if bad camera position at the start of Chaperone, prevents Taxi Driver from being able to be started again

Cipriani's Chauffeur -> Firefighter (All Islands)

Marked Man -> Grand Theft Aero (Partial Skip)

Uzi Rider -> Grand Theft Aero (Partial Skip)

Vigilante -> Mike Lips
E 2021-11-08: With this method, Vigilante can be started again:

Prevents Vigilante from being able to be started again

1 Frame TAXI DRIVER -> Scam
Prevents Taxi Driver from being able to be started again

GTAero -> Vigilante 20 kills (Shoreside)
Needs 10 kills, stuck in a fade after instapass

Paramedic -> TnT/Evidence Dash (Dupes)
Prevents Paramedic from being able to be started again

(edited: )

The Vigilante SSV 20 kills instapass:
- It is probably slower
- It is cancer to do fast
- You have to do 10 SSV kills before that, else you cannot reach 100%.

I wanted to document it, anyway. ^^

1) Hold Vigilante.
2) Start GTAero.
3) In GTAero, jump into the construction site marker.
4) After the marker disappeared, start Vigilante.
- The jump is important. Once Claude is in the trigger, the mission waits until you are not in mid-air, anymore. In that period, you have to start Vigilante. To be more precise, R¤ used the same command that is used to check if you can start a mission ("can_player_start_mission") for that.
- You end up with an infinite fade (see screenshot), ergo:
4) Suicide somehow.

Salvatore's Called A Meeting
I think all it says is that you have to mash."skip" for the cutscenes:


A better Trial by Fire instapass using I Scream, You Scream. Also requires rampage status set to 2.

(video uses instapass chaining setup)

(edited: )

root1x presents: Rigged to Blow instapass using The Thieves (need to collect thieves) (right side)
Leaves Rigged to Blow instance, increases % counter and missions passed counter.

(edited: )

Kanbu Bust-Out instapass using The Thieves (must drop the thieves)

(edited: )

Two-Faced Tanner instapass using Payday for Ray, leaves an instances that can be cancelled with e.g. vigilante.

(edited: )

Gone Fishing instapass using S.A.M. (have to reach the buoy and wait until you receive message about plane coming up) found by zazaza691 and Champion2008, leaves an instance that can be cancelled with e.g. A Ride in the Park.

(edited: )

Mike Lips Last Lunch instapass using The Fuzz Ball and Taxi Driver ((Timestamp: 0:24) Start The Fuzz Ball 6 times and fail it (by dying 6 times or waiting for time to run out), (9:33) get some rigged and glitched cars for later (alternatively if you want to skip gtliching through Staunton you can use cheat codes to blow yourself up instantly, or nuke yourself with rockets and a tall vehicle in front of you), (47:54) dupe The Fuzz Ball with Taxi Driver and kill yourself as soon as possible before the girls spawn, pick up the girl near car crusher, (50:00) abandon the girl, glitch a car and park it at MLLL marker so you spawn on top of it, get back to the girl but don't let her in so she only follows you, start MLLL) found by zazaza691, leaves an OM1 instance, increases % and Missions Passed counter.

Toyminator skip using Gone Fishing and The Crook/The Thieves (must die after starting Gone Fishing) found by zazaza691, also increases % counter.

(edited: )

Last Requests IP has finally been found (useless in full runs, though). How to:
1) Start Turismo and block the leftmost car before the race
2) Start the race, check that the car stays roughly in the same spot, release Paramedic to kill the mission
3) Get stack fixed The Fuzz Ball instance. I'll explain the known way
4) Start The Fuzz Ball 6 times to overflow the cleanup list. Make sure the girls don't die
5) While you're waiting for the missions to fail, setup a quick way of dying. I used a rigged car just to be sure
6) After the timer runs out you should be good to go. Dupe The Fuzz Ball with Taxi Driver
7) Right after the cutscene kill Claude. You have like 1.5 seconds I think
8​) If done right, you should have a stack fixed The Fuzz Ball instance. Now go and pickup the girl near docks (has to be this one)
9) Go to Salvatore and get away from the girl (so the game says she's AWOL)
10) Get back in your car and make the girl follow you again (don't let her to get in)
11) While she's walking to the car start Last Requests. Done. Don't forget to kill the remaining instance

- Taxi Driver is dead
- You skip unlocking Staunton, so Luigi's and Joey's missions stay (no markers on the map, though)
- The bridge doesn't have one road replaced, so it looks funny
- 1.0-exclusive
- The tunnel gets unlocked properly
- 1.0-exclusive?? Yes, it actually is

P.S. Steps 1-2 are needed to set a variable to 1. Kind of similar to the crash cam

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