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Earlier I was testing duping and found this. I duped 3 Vans and then passed it by getting busted.

note I used a NG+ set up to auto fail it

Current idea to implement this into the route is:
rampage start ciprani's chauffeur
finish it within 2minutes
take 3 vans
wait for rampage timer to run out
take 3 vans again-get wasted/busted (ideally busted)
pray for a police car
use police car+shotgun rounds for The Pick-Up

Turns out Jeremie did a similar thing with Paparazzi Purge a while ago

Now failure conditions don't always pass a duped mission. It doesn't work with E2G for example (it crashes if the timer hasn't started and simply fails the mission if it has).

This thread is here so people can post the results of their tests so no-one repeats anything

EDIT: It seems we have figured this out: The current theory for how it works is this: failing the mission unloads one instance of the mission, and the removal of the things in that instance of the mission passes the other instance of the mission. For example failing 3 vans removes the vans from one of the missions, and because the game detects that the vans have been 'removed' the second instance of the mission passes it for you. That's why it works with the missions it has worked for.

Therefore it works in missions where the main goal, ie the thing that ends the mission, is to destroy something/kill someone. It can't be kill someone, then do something else eg Don't Spank Ma Bitch. It doesn't work with Bait for example because it's really picky about how the Colombians die.

Missions we know it works for:

Pump Action Pimp
Farewell Chunky Lee Chong
Taking Out The Laundry
Triads and Tribulations
Sayanrora Salvatore (after he's left the club)
Under Surveillance
Paparazzi Purge (You don't need to kill yourself/get busted to fail this mission)
Gone Fishing (you need to get in a Police Boat first, but it can be any Police Boat. Approaching the intended Police Boat crashes the game)
Evidence Dash - (this works because destroying the Bobcat actually passes the mission, you can do this with a tank for example. Problem is Bobcat is explosion proof in normal gameplay)
Two Faced Tanner (you need to go to Casino first so he comes out)

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Here's a video of the route mamamia described:

I also tried duping Salvatore's Called a Meeting, but it just fails one instance of the mission while the other stays active.

edit: Here's a video of Jeremie's Paparazzi Purge dupe applied to the current route (could get the rampage replay during Sayonara Salvatore):

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This method works with Gone Fishing, but you first must get in a police boat (you can use the one near Asuka). ETA: works with Chunky Lee Chong

The current theory for how it works is this: failing the mission unloads one instance of the mission, and the removal of the things in that instance of the mission passes the other instance of the mission. For example failing 3 vans removes the vans from one of the missions, and because the game detects that the vans have been 'removed' in the second instance of the mission is passes it for you. That's why it works with the missions it has worked for.


Tested a bit (had to go to bed though)

I tested Triads and Tribulations and Under Surveillance since I figured the same thing Mamamia mentioned and they both work!

However, Cutting the Grass and Sayonara Salvatore (the missions before the two) are probably too long, and you can't redo the replay either, cause failed rampages move to an alternate location.

So for TaT I figured that it's possible to start a rampage during Chaperone and make a replay for a different rampage, such as the Uzi near Chico, and start the rampage so you have just enough time to reach Tony's and duplicate the mission

For US, you might be able to start a replay during Last Requests, getting a different rampage replay to activate a while before killing Salvatore so you can dupe this mission

Note that I haven't tested it yet though

Also, the dupe glitch may also work on Evidence Dash, Bait (but probably not) and also Toyminator (really easy, just take the rampage during Uzi Money)


Actually, duping Under Surveillance would probably leave you without weapons for Paparazzi Purge, so Jeremie's dupe would probably be quicker


Menno you can't start the rampage during Chaperone because you're on the mission (unless I've mis-understood your suggestion?). You'd have to either rampage start Chaperone or Curly Bob, which both take longer than 2 mins. You can finish T&T in less than 2mins so it's not worth it to wait. I don't think T&T is worth it for any% unless I'm missing something, but for AM and 100% you have a lot more options obviously.


Well, I meant pressing F3 in the marker for Chaperone, driving to Chico, making the Uzi rampage replay, wait until the rampage has failed, then take Uzi rampage, so that you can drive to Tony's after passing Chaperone and duplicate T&T


Rampage starting Uzi Money can't be used to dupe Toyminator, however, the rampage and the mission fuse together. The timer for the rampage becomes unified with the mission (Starts at 2:30 as soon as vehicle is entered) replaces whichever gun you had from the rampage with the Uzi, and passing the mission displays the "RAMPAGE COMPLETED" message on the screen, as well as giving you 30k ammo of the rampage's weapon.

However, in the stats the rampage doesn't count as passed. Could've been a neat trick for 100%.

edit: This trick has been confirmed to work:


oh right I get what you mean now Menno, that's pretty clever. I wonder if it would be better with Curly Bob though


I think you're right, you could rampage start Cutting The Grass and then make a rampage replay while waiting for Curly Bob (Shotgun would work, since you don't really need the AK). It's probably a matter of which of these would be faster, CTG or Chaperone

So now we only need to know if Evidence Dash works and if Waka-Gashira can be done by driving into the water


Evidence Dash works:
(I was unable to complete Arms Shortage and start ED within 2 minutes, if it's possible then that should be done instead of this)

This leaves you without any ammo though. Would a trip to Phil's be worth it during Liberator?


you can pick up M16 during liberator and hope not to shoot the old oriental gentleman with it


Update, my theory about Waka-Gashira also doesn't work


Also, I timed duping Triads and Tribulations and it doesn't seem to save any time


hmmm Evidence Dash working really hurts the theory we were working on. so confusing

comparing the video Powdi posted with the WR shows that it doesn't really save any time, sure Powdi could have done it a bit faster but not much given the countdown timer really makes it like an autoscroller. WR barely misses the 2min window between AS and ED.

ETA: Pump Action Pimp works


I tried duping Smack Down and dying neither fails nor passes the mission, nor increases the kill count. This seems to be because as soon as you dupe the mission the mission flag is set to off. The dealers aren't duped.


I had an idea. Fail Duped Bait when all the guys are at place, so the game doesn't tell you off for not leading them to the trap. If you die on this mission it warps you to the Staunton hospital, so the idea was to pass the mission and warp to Staunton. It doesn't work to just fail it, but if you fail it and the guys die on the 'mission failed' fade out it will pass the mission for you and still warp you to the Staunton hospital. I don't think that will usually happen on non-duped Bait



WR barely misses the 2min window between AS and ED.

I heard of a 'segmented strat' for Arms Shortage. I guess it is running to the gate right after the "3 arms are >1 cutscene" and then using grenades.I can see the difficulties with using grenades, not with buying and using the m16 there, though. IIRC, I have already done that. Since you cannot change weapons, being locked to the m16, it's a bit slower -, but at least you have infinite ammo.^^
Maybe you cannot buy the m16 during rampages, though?

I heard that dropping a grenade is unsafe, it might fall through the ground, too bad that's mandatory if the ED skip saves time... It can only be way less bad than ED, though.

If the ED skip turns out not to be worth it, then that's a huge loss...


It works for Sayanora Salvatore after he's left the club. If you do speedrun strats one of them will run into the club and that passes the mission, the other starts attacking you after the mission has ended.


I roughly timed the M-16 run to gate strat in Arms Shortage, and it cannot be that great. Maybe it is faster when optimized, maybe not, but it isn't 10s faster. I haven't tested grenades, yet, though.

I worked a whole lot on mission skipping. The time saves in Portland aren't that impressive but I really like that a big RNG factor (3 Vans) is gone without losing any time or only a bit. The Portland skips have to be timed to see how much or if they save time.

bold: time cost to create rampage
I included the mission start/end times of the 1:12:37 run, adapting them to the new strats, those used to be important to understand the post, not anymore.

3 Vans Skip:
Overview: start Cipriani's Chauffeur along with a rampage, then dupe 3 Vans.
Don't Spank (iirc)
Create(M16, near Luigi) ~10s

10:37-12:37 Chauffeur
Use(M16) mission is ~25s shorter than the rampage, use that time to:
Create(Shotgun, near Dog Food) (25s) during waiting time
Mistake tolerance: nearly none, <5s.

12:37 Laundry

For the Pick-up you can use the Kuruma and probably run them over. In my second attempt, I managed to do that, but the driver drove arround so testing needs to be done. Else, as was said above, cop car for shotgun.

[[~15:20-17:50 Meeting]]

note about time stamps in the following part: I included the 30s to set up the rampage replay in Chaperone
Triads&Tribulations Skip
start Chaperone, use 3 rampages directly after each other (6:00 minutes). That's longer than those missions alone, but since you also need to set up replays, it works out.

17:56-21:21 Chaperone
Create(microSMG or second m16??) (30s), but doesn't matter
Use asap(microSMG or second m16??)

21:30-23:30 Grass
Create(AK,near AK pick-up) 0s: waiting for Curly Bob
Use(AK) so that rampage ends as Triads starts, i.e. asap. 😉
after the mission
Create(second shotgun or, if first microSMG done, maybe second microSMG) 25s

Mistake tolerance: You can start the last rampage later if you made mistakes, so it's friendly.^^

23:56 Triads

note about the weapon loss: probably it is no problem, where you need weapons, you get them from rampages you need to do anyways or you get it from the mission (sniper rifle).
todo:Re-time Wasted Warp after Blow Fish since Hospital Tutorial doesn't load anymore
Method: trigger bomb very early, stand next to the vehicle when it explodes, run into the fire

Under Surveillance Skip:
Last Requests
Use(after-Grass-replay): it is long enough to still be running when starting Sayonara

Sayonara 31:54-34:50 (10:40am mission start)
Collect rampage "normally" (AK 2) 50s before killing Sal so that it ends when starting Under Surveillance 0s: waiting for Sal
Create(m16 1) 0s:waiting for Sal

Surveillance 35:46

Start Paparazzi during the m16 rampage, for that you can use the Ambulance instead of starting Paparazzi and the rampage simultaneously (hold "start sub-mission" and F3, then end the sub-mission)

Setting up an RPG rampage during Sayonara for Paparazzi would be better. The problem is: Under 30s after Sayonara starts, the rampage from Last Requests ends, so you can only set up a replay without starting the rampage 50s before killing Sal because that's when you start the rampage that is timed to end after starting Surveillance. So you only have 50s to set it up unless you freeze the clock, wasting time. Maybe it is possible - keep in mind that the 'timed rampage' probably has to be one where the weapon is decent so that you survive Sal's guards. An alternative might be to pass a short rampage and during that rampage set up the RPG rampage. Example: start shotgun rampage (blow up only 8 cars), set up RPG replay in Portland, finish rampage, and 50s before killing Sal, start the last rampage.

ED duping is probably not worth it in any case. I became too tired and wanted to stop, here is how far I got (almost done^^).
Even if you can do it with one rampage starting along with Arms Shortage (10s to save for that). In the 1:12:37 run, ED takes 100s, the 'optimal' time according to Eidgod and Jeremie is 70 or even 60s. Doing the mission with duping takes - optimistic estimate - 45s. You also need
- a rampage (you need one for Paparazzi, so you cannot prepare both during Sayonara)
- a weapon to kill Kenji (sniper through wall probably works, only needs reference points - and buying a sniper rifle).