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The tournament will start on Friday August 21st 2015 with a group stage.

Preliminary rules:

hey everyone,
As you may already know, the Vice City any% scene is kinda dead. The required cop car spawn at the start of the japanese version and the fact that the run has become so optimised that it became painful to grind, have caused most runners to quit once they reach a time they were aiming for and only a couple of runners are left running the game and they most likely will quit as soon as they get a slightly better PB.

A side effect of that is the game is barely ever raced nowadays, compared to like a year ago before all the replay strats have discovered ( ffzyesDuping ) where the game was raced almost daily if not more.

Most of you probably ignored this, but I like RPG speedruns and is most of the time learning one until i give up because i'm lazy. Since the beginning of July I'm participating in a 65 player Final Fantasy 4 Paladin% (~1h long race category) speedrunning tournament (Some of them are FF4 runners, some are other RPG runners and a lot of them haven't really speedran a RPG before)
The tournament is composed of the group stage (13 groups of 5 runners, groups are seeded to have runners of all skip level, every runners run against each other 1vs1 so 4 races in total, one race every week), the 13 winners of each groups progress to the next stage which is 16 runner Double Elimination bracket. the 2nd place of each groups will race in a single race for the remaining 3 spots. This race as well as Winner Finals, Loser Finals, and Grand Finals are restreamed on the community channel.
Since early July there have been more than one hundred FF4 races (both tournament and "practice" races) compared to basically no race ever before the tournament.

I'd like to apply this concept to Vice City Any% (and maybe modify rules a bit to fit the number of entrants), I feel VC any% is easy enough for beginners to learn quickly and short enough so that people have enough time to schedule a 1h race once a week

My hopes are that all kind of runners will enter such a tournament (currently active runners, runners that gave up on VC for reasons, runners of other GTA games or even complete beginners)
If people seems interested I'll try to organise it with other people help, so don't hesitate to post your opinions/ideas and say if you're interested in entering such event.


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Wording what Bosz says. JP is faster, obviously, but I think that is one of the reasons that put off many people in of itself, was the fact that they'd have to buy / be otherwise arsed to obtain a different copy of the game just for speedrunning.


I'll join if the following people join as well:



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if PW can even stream with his crappy new internet adamAyy


I approve. :ok_hand:


Bosz: Like I said to you on IRC, I don't think there is anything unfair about the japanese version, the converter is widely available in the resource section, the RNG at the start is greatly reduced if the runner decide to go for the RNG-free Molotov rampage start instead of looking for a cop car (cost 20s but is the sane choice on a race)
International version is (I feel) not more competitive than the japanese version, every sub1 runners except 3 (fil, ricecooker and Dennisk0) have switch to JP, and nobody really did international runs since JP is possible except NyashMan who got a 1:19 on july12th and Dennisk0 who got his 59:36 in late may then quit VC
The Japanese strats aren't that different from the international version. the route was 95% the same when we still used the "wait 2 minutes to make a replay" strat. You only made a replay at a different point and started PW2 again at the end of the mission by NOT doing a fancy jump
Newer japanese strats consisting of doing the CP glitch 5 times are a bit more complex to execute but really easy to understand.
(understand what to do, not understanding how it works because nobody knows how it works)

Also people who used to run the international version will still have to learn new strats such as the shakedown mall warp to get 5 stars on copland. And someone new to VC wouldn't want to learn an obsolete route for a tournament.
This is why i think any legit version should be allowed to compete in the tournament (japanese PC is encouraged by being the fastest, but people can use the steam version, international retail, german retail, german green pepper, australian version, any PS2 version, Xbox version, or even the mobile phone version). I'm not enforcing anything and if there is a community consensus to run only on the ~legit~ steam version of the game, then so be it.

Mhmd, converting to JP take less than a minute with zoton's tool. If someone agree to enter a month long tournament but is too lazy to take a minute to get the fastest version, chances are he will most likely give up mid tournament or something and kinda ruin the group stage
Choosing not to run on JP because of personal preference is something else and is ok.

S.: I have a screenshot of melis agreeing to enter the tournament, if she doesn't I'll give her hell until she comes to #ESA16
Joshimuz always joined big races when he could, so i hope he will join and maybe set new VC any% standards for the bottom of the leaderboard since nowadays his 2:51 looks even worse
Oasiz and PW aren't really active nowadays so they might not join, but I hope you'll still join regardless
Here's a partial list of active people i hope will derust their VC and enter: PeteThePlayer, BubbleBobbler, Lighnat0r, Jolzi, , tyriounet, JustShanz, schA_de and many III and SA runners

guywith: let's make the tournament NG+ Any% Kappa
seriously i saw you ask in irc when will GTA3 tournament happen, if this one happen and is succesful III any% will most likely happen. but no "dupes vs no dupes" (some may say ffzyesDuping vs ffznoDuping ) thingy since it's stupid, it's any% people can dupe or not as they choose.

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I'm really into this idea and hopefully a lot of people will participate. Any version should be allowed, including Japanese version. Conversion is easy, and the run is safer than ever from RNG. Even Cop Land strats aren't that bad if you have trash cars in memory.

Hope to see this happen. It'll be exciting.


I have received enough positive feedback here, on irc and on different chats to decide this tournament will happen !
It probably start in a month, on friday august 21st or 28th
Rules will be decided based on the number of entrants, but there will most likely be a group stage of 4 races, 1 race a week for 4 weeks, then a double elimination stage afterward
Entrants will be free to schedule their race with each other, with deadline to complete races. at least 2 races by the end of week 3 and all 4 races by the end of week 4.

PS: I'm also looking for people to help me organize this, so I can tell them my stupid ideas and they can convince me they are bad and tell me how the tournament should be done
And also someone that can restream the Finals


Yeah disregard what I said above. I guess it comes down to personal preference then, since zoton's tool should be ridiculously easy to figure out.


Fuck it, I'm in just to not be last on the leaderboards

My prediction is I lose in the first round... and I don't even PB

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If any other noobs fancy a noob-race before the tournament to get a lil practice in that'd be cool.


This is really cool, but it's a shame I have little to no time to learn the new Japanese route. I guess I could enter and just run old strats but I only ever did like 2 dupe runs about the time the PW strats were discovered, and haven't done a run in a real long time. Route has changed quite a bit from what I remember. I tried learning up to shakedown a while ago (before Japan happened) but after completing it once I didn't go back.


I'd be down for this if it starts on the 28th, I have an exam on the 25th and have to cram cram cram now.
EDIT: I signed up in the link in OP, but again, if the majority want to start on the 21st, feel free to disregard me.


It doesn't really matter when it starts because you'll have to schedule your race freely with you opponents within 4 weeks (since I'm planning to have groups of 5 aka 4 races during the group stage, and 1 race/week on average)
This may not be really explicit in the preliminary rules I've written so far, I plan to add some kind of FAQ part there.

here's what's written in the rules


"All group stage race must be completed by September 18th (or 25th), this way every entrants have 4 weeks to do their races. To avoid people delaying their races forever and ending up not being able to schedule all of them, at least 2 race must be completed by the end of Week 3 (Friday September 11th or 18th)."


Results link in the OP or anywhere in the rules/setup doc please.


you mean this ?

there's also a google sheet but I'm too lazy to make it public


How am I supposed to derust in first place? I never ran this game properly. I only joined (trilogy) races and did everything rather blind.

There was only one time where I actually did an any% vc stream. I was stuck on Cone Crazy for 3h, but only because i said to myself that i will only continue with 5 or less failed CC rounds. I didn't even managed to do that in the 3h.


Jolzi, mhmd made a new tutorial

So you can watch that, and do a few no-resets


If Josh joins I can't cause I have to watch him and laugh my ass off :`D

No I guess I would like to join if this is still a thing, wanted to learn the new strats anyway 🙂


Muxu, the tournament is still a thing, and i expect you to join !
signups end on the 16th and we will draw the groups on the 21th (and maybe stream it on GTAMarathon) then the tournament will start

there might a big VC any% race this weekend (or any day before the groups drawing) for all the noobs (and non-noobs) joining the tournament so he can get a pb before the groups drawing (to get more accurate seed) and obviously raise hype for the tournament, but it's not actually part of the tournament and it's not really organised yet
(if this race doesn't happen before the drawing, it can still happen on the opening weekend of the tournament, also people are encouraged to do practice race on the side whenever they want)


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