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You can Puase the timer. That's fine. If a runner hits the pause button by accident it doesn't make the run invalid.

But if you do, don't send in the final time that wsplit tells you. Create a highlight and check the timestamps. If your run starts at 30 sec of a highlight and ends at 5:41:40 then the time you submit is 5:41:10 and not whatever timer you used says.

If twitch crashes or obs crashes or any other software prevents you from having proper highlights, then do aditional local recordings and upload them to youtube or any other video hosting site.

Also with the new Twitch vod shit they added yesterday, it's always a good idea to have local recordings.


Out of curiosity, I just checked Post's run. Using the discrepancy between the timer and ingame clock I figured that he lost no time between first and second segments but must have paused for 10secs between second and third, and he kept the timer going. Overall very little of Post's gameplay is missing from the VODs.

He might have paused the timer between 1st and 2nd segments but why would he if he's gonna accept the time lost between 2nd and 3rd?

Misterpost's vods are sufficient to verify his time.

As for there being 'no rules', if you click on 'show rules' it says:

'Timer starts when you gain control over Carl Johnson and ends when you lose control as the cutscene where the firetruck with Tenpenny falls of the bridge in End of the Line starts.
The video has to show that you're starting the run from a fresh game start, because not everything is reset correctly when starting a new game from ingame. Alternatively, add timestamps in the comment for all swimming sessions up to the first lung capacity upgrade when you submit a time.

More information here

Runs use the Real Time Attack (RTA) timing convention, meaning runs are timed using an external timer (such as WSplit or Llanfair) which can't be paused during the run. '


Nonsense, you can apply that to anyone, why can't you do it for my stream then? Oh right, you're giving me the timer excuse, and you can do that again and again, you're making an exception for Post, so there are no rules.


Come on, no need for all this hostility. Can't we just be diplomatic about this?


I'm only hostile if others are hostile, of which they have been for months. It's clear by now that if someone like Tirean desides to blame you for something, you have to live with it for the rest of your streaming. Can't redeem yourself with anything, no matter how many different things you try, in whatever quantity.


Delicious drama OneHand


Prove everybody wrong - get a nice clean new PB.

I know you feel like your current PB should be valid and that you shouldn't have to get a new one, but isn't the point of speedrunning to strive to get a better time anyway?

People will respect you if you give them a reason to 🙂


I have given them enough reasons, i still tried to be friendly with Tirean after he blamed me, but people still went on, even at the end of the ESA SA run they silently shouted me out that i pause the timer.

I'm not taken seriously, so i won't take them seriously, it's not about getting on the stupid leaderboards, it's about the thought that these people would get so picky over something and choose to just blatantly trash me.


Having multiple parts for your VOD is no problem, as long as it is possible to check from the vods that the time is correct and no rules were broken (read: the run is RTA).
MisterPost's run follows the RTA rules thus was accepted.
Your run didn't follow the RTA rules thus was rejected.

This has nothing to do with Tirean, or being hostile (I'm not). Rules are rules.


The reason you are called out so much for pausing the timer is because of the time you came online, had a 1 SECOND "Big Smoke" split and when people asked you why, you pretty much said "why are you making all these conspiracies about me" and "stop picking on me!" Then when people TRIED to ask you why that happened, you just say "stop bullying me! The community is terrible anyway, I don't want to be a part of it."

And then when I bring up you pausing the timer at one point you said something along the lines of "I'm not gonna submit it to the leaderboards anyway" and look where we are now. The fact I tune in this morning and all you were doing was bashing the other GTA runners and you're chat being so immature shows what type of attitude you have towards us and why no one wants to give you another chance.

I actually think you are good at the game, especially for using the Xbox version. But if you're streaming setup is causing so many problems you might want to fix that at some point. The fact your capture card was breaking in the first 30 minutes of your runs at some point is worrying.

Then again I don't even know why I'm writing this. You're just going to skim past it, say I'm picking on you, tell me I'm a bully, and leave. But I wanted to write my opinion. Which I guess is a crime.


That was over 3 months ago Zoton, and i only did it ONCE, i've already told this to everyone, but i'm talking to brick walls apparently. Nobody asked me why i've done it besides a few people, and i always answer them unless i just don't want to talk about it.

if you yourself don't know why i did it, it's because i reset at life's a beach a ton of times that day, and just wanted to try splitting after the first mission. I stopped doing it immediately after that. I even mentioned this on Twitter, it's no secret.

I thought people would leave it behind because i stream so consistently, and always show the full run.

I fixed the acid vision/graphics card issue you mentioned a few weeks ago now, the only time the stream ever crashes is if OBS doesn't respond, which forces me to close it, that's what happened in my PB, my capture card was lagging which very rarely happens, then OBS itself crashed for some reason.

And if my internet/twitch goes out, obviously.

I am just tired of endlessly arguing about something that was put in the grave months ago, but no, i have to keep explaining myself over and over for noone to give a shit.


"i reset at life's a beach a ton of times that day, and just wanted to try splitting after the first mission" what does this even mean? Do you mean starting your splits? Because if so you could've just explained that on your stream at the time. And of course people are going to remember things from 3 months ago, it's not that long of a time and that's the moment I pinpoint everyone starting to turn on you. I don't remember you mentioning that on Twitter, so sorry if you did, but I remember reading through a lot of stuff a while ago and it was mostly you trying to change the subject or whatever.

Just unbound your pause button and never pause, and if you need to fix OBS than fix it while the timer keeps going. Do a full run like this and submit it. I have no pause timer bounded for this reason; because I don't need it. I mean I know you probably think someone could just retime your current run, but that's not easy with the splits in between the videos.

The fact you were bashing other people in your stream earlier doesn't really help either. Saying you want to leave it behind and then bringing it up yourself isn't exactly the way of doing that. It also doesn't help you seem to have built up some sort of army in your chat; some of the stuff I saw in there this morning in the 5 minutes I was there was disgusting. I mean if you moaning about others was a one off I wouldn't mind, but the fact I came in and it was the first thing I heard can't be a coincidence.


I'm bad at typing and tired, so here's a shitty video featuring my laptop fan.

I forgot to talk about the whole fresh game start thing but yeah you get the point.

Anyway, the problem here is communication. You said it just now in your post that you've explained all these issues but no one hears you.


Josh, are you able to get on mumble or something? If you're tired it's fine, we can talk later.

I'll clear some things up in the video you made:

What i meant by Tirean blaming me, is that he was the one who mentioned me getting that insane LS time, you even said it in the vid but you didn't know who it was. It wasn't really insane, just me starting the splits after Big Smoke, and i quit the run before the end of LS, then resumed back to normal, it was only for a day.

I did figure out IRC, i'm pretty sure i told you when you came in my stream a few weeks ago, but you forgot, it's fine though. When we race again there shouldn't be any problems. The reason i don't use IRC is because i have noone to talk to there, like you said, the lack of communication this whole time just leads me to believe everyone hates my guts so i don't even bother trying.

I'll unbind the pause hotkey, but i still think that everyone would just pin some other thing onto me, i know that the lung capacity and other things don't reset if you don't fully restart, but that's really annoying to do.

If you want to get nit picky, then Omega got a max health increase like 30 seconds into his vod, and his run still got accepted. Sure the lung capacity is more of a major thing, but really, what difference does it make if you wait for the vallet without swimming or etc?

The reason i went against Post's run is because of what you said in the vid, he could easily just take a break and come back, or use a cheat, etc if he doesn't show his stats at the end.

You and Kortek are the only people i can really talk to.


I'll probably mumble later maybe but today I'm just staying in bed.

Tirean: Ok that's understandable, but in all your posts you keep blaming everything on Tirean without explaining why. We aren't nuthugging Tirean. He just said to me in steam that he's going to stay out of this conservation to avoid any accusations of blame. Like you say I didn't even know who said it, so who said it is irrelevant as long as they were trustworthy.

IRC: Ok cool, sorry that you told me and I forgot, my bad. I'm not in IRC atm so I can't see if you have joined but most of the time everyone just idles in there. We have name pings so if someone wants our attention they just say our name in a message and it pops up/makes a noise. I've got pings for "San Andreas, SA and Joshimuz" and I seem to catch enough messages. I don't think the website does that though. I just let HydraIRC connect on PC startup and I forget about it. It's not a constant attention thing so having no one to immediately shouldn't be a problem, but if someone calls you out on something you should be able to defend yourself 😛

Pause: OK

NitPicky: When we first changed to rules to the whole restart the game thing, we decided that we would restart after every reset, to be completely fair to avoid max health stuff and weapon stuff. This was found to be extremely annoying to do, and after a few days we decided that it should just be done for Lung Cap. This is because of all the stats the lung cap is super important.
"but really, what difference does it make if you wait for the vallet without swimming or etc? "
You can make the DA spawn in a really good location using spawning manipulation similar to that done in Return to Los Santos. You can't do this if you swim, but if you going 90% lung cap upgrade you could skip it. You could save a lot of time (I forget how much but its 30-1:00) by looking in a specific spot (slightly to the left of the centre of the pointy tower, if I remember right) to make him spawn at the rampy road going east (the one you take to go swim) which is really close by, compared to the other spawns available. You also save time in Snail Trail because the Taxi only spawns for the guy when you get close, more time you spend swimming is more time added to the length of the mission. If you wait too long you could even fail, making getting the lung cap as quick as possible really important.
Again, communication problem means you didn't know this.

Talking: Again, communication problem. You have us two on steam/skype and that's it I guess. It's not that everyone hates you (Pac seems to have gone out of his way to help, he was the one who helped us time the starting of the race last time.) it's just most of us can't talk to you (Twitch chat is a bad place to chat), so I guess it's mine and Korteks fault 😛


Thanks for helping out Josh, i didn't know those things about the DA and etc.

Overall i've done what i could, i fixed the capture card crashes and whatnot weeks back, it's rare that i get internet drops or other random crashes, but they do happen, like in my PB.

We should do another race soon, i'm not sure what else to say, things are just kinda fucked. I try my best though.

  [user deleted]

Hey pac when i watch joshes video in full screen this happens is this my end or the website 😛 ?


^that happened to me too


^same thing happens to me too, using Chrome 36.0.1985.125 m

Edit: And it had to be a new page FailFish


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