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You're missing a Kappa army


Go watch a bit of his VOD and look at his timer

I think you will clearly see whats wrong


Have him read the rules first before "complaining" about his run not being accepted.


If you (or rather, Cyberthunder) would read the rules, you'd see they state that the timer cannot be paused during the run. Cyberthunder paused the timer during the run, thus the time is invalid and the run rejected.


Could still retime the run and use that time for the leaderboards, but as of now him completely ignoring advice given to him by me and Tirean via twitch PM conversations put him on the wrong side of even the people who were willing to give him a chance, so it's hard to find people motivated to retime his run.


CyberThunder does Time Attack runs (in which he pauses the run, and pauses the timer randomly). The GTA speedrunning community has decided to adopt RTA as the standard (no pausing whatsoever), hence Cyber's run does not belong on the leaderboards.


I think it's an absolute joke that his run actually got accepted for a couple of reasons:

1. He paused the timer during the run. This is breaking the rules as the run is no longer RTA

2. This so called "Capture Card" lag which supposedly causing his game to be misaligned with the timer is bullshit IMO. Watching his timer one will notice he starts the timer a few seconds AFTER we see the start of the game but he stops the timer BEFORE we see the end of the game. I know it's only a couple of seconds but this is irrelevant.


I elect MisterPosts run be reevaluated. Contains longer pauses and was submitted in multiple parts.

Wraith, he has capturecard latency issues. Get over it. The end time is all that matters either way.


But the timer should be within the same delay of the game though out the run.


Pausing the timer is a non-issue, really. The biggest problem is that he takes breaks in the middle of his run.

Any run can be re-timed ex post. WSplit is, to a large extent, only there for viewers.


Surly isn't any timer pause a break though Adam? Regardless of the length.


How do you think people timed their runs before WSplit and other programs were around? Record it, time it afterwards. This is still done for a whole lot of games out there. WSplit is a convenience, but not necessary for a run to be valid.


All of you are against me because that's the type of people that you are, you don't even follow your own ''rules'', MisterPost's run is split up into 3 segments, each has a minute difference and he still gets accepted?

You do whatever you feel like it, circle jerk eachother just because Tirean said so, i stream for atleast 3-5 hours a day, with no split ups unless something desides to crash like OBS or my internet going out of which i have NO control off.

You don't even watch my streams, you just blatantly bash and reject me because it's easy for you.

What is S even talking about? He never messaged me with any advice, nor Tirean, if you want to tell me something, come to my stream, but you won't do that because you know that you're wrong.


CyberThunder, can you call off your little army of spammers? They're only causing me work, and I'm the one who was just trying to help you out in your chat.


What army of ''spammers''? I never told them to do anything,. It's not my problem, you were there watching my stream today, you saw that i never called anyone to spam.


Ah, a few of your chatters signed up to post spam in this thread, but don't worry about it, it's not relevant.


Whereas I agree that some people take it too far Cyber. And just give you sheer ignorance. I really don't feel wishing painful deaths upon people is the best way to handle things.


In a previous pb my stream went down 4 times and I spent 2mins fixing it (estimating using the time discrepancy between wsplit and ingame clock). I took this 2mins off my time and submitted it, because I had heard from a stream somewhere that if stuff like that happens during your run the mods don't mind if you pause the timer. Though I included the RTA time in the comments too.

Initially the time with the 2mins taken off was accepted, but at some point those 2mins were added back on. So Cyber you're not the only one that has had this rule applied against you. RTA is RTA, dems da rulz. My internet also sucks, which is why I'm gonna record locally and submit to youtube from now on. I realise that you care more about streaming than I do, but surely you can work something out rather than just complaining about it?


There are no rules though, it doesn't make sense for Post's run to get accepted with several minutes missing off of the vods because of his picnic. I guarantee you that if i get a run without any split ups they would think of some other stupid excuse like: ''Starting the game from a fresh start''.

They do what they want, if they don't like someone, then too bad, throw him out of the window.


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