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Is this happening? There has been a lot of disinterest lately in making a marathon for the coming months.

What do we need to make this happen? I am happy to help make sure this lives on.

Please provide feedback of concerns, questions, or whatever you feel.

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I've said this a lot, but for the next GTAM there's gotta be someone in the community willing to organize it. Literally any GTA [community member] could step up and begin planning. That's kinda what I did with the previous one. I just made some submission forms and got to planning around January for the marathon to happen in the beginning of April.

It was a lot of work for me to organize the previous marathon and I think it'd be a fair break for me to not do it again for the next one. Not that I'm lazy or anything, but it'd be a good thing for there to be a new organizer. Maybe that person could be you...


Yeah if Joe wants to organize one himself then he is welcome to.

Although if DarkAngelXx489X wants to organize one, I would not be taking it serious.

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A new GTAM for 2016 would be good however with this GTA3 tourney possibly happening, I think it would be best to hold off on any GTA marathon until the summer. Before or after ESA would be good. I would offer to help with anything, except restreaming.

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GTA3 tournament can go off itself. GTAmarathon is more fun.

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Good point Odyssic, I am not sure how long the GTA3 tournament is meant to last. I do think that keeping with the first week or two of April would be nice. The summer is already marathon heavy (ESA, SGDQ, NASA?) so I know a lot of people are going to want to shift focus for those already.

I will start probing at people's interest once the holidays are over, most likely after the New Year, for now I am just brainstorming. Of course, the most difficult part will be recruiting a solid team to commit to putting all of the pieces together especially because I am not particularly tech savvy or capable.


i would be very interested in having a marathon again id offer my help setting up and organizing but im busy with work but if there is anything needed let me know


GTA Marathon 2016 would be epic.

As for the GTA3 tourney clash, I don't know the expected duration or end date (near Easter?), however you could use it to start the marathon or have it slot in the marathon(maybe semi finals to start and finals to finish), although that would require scheduling the finals and predicting the finalists time zones. etc. which could be a major pain.

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Would be nice to have a GTA Marathon every year. The VC tournament took about 2 months (after it started), so assuming GTA III will be the same, it would end near the end of March. Maybe it would still be better to do GTAM later in the year, because otherwise there would be a huge gap of nothingness (after GTAM), but I guess it doesn't matter that much.


As far as time frame, length, and other concerns I will generate a simple form to get a general poll of the community's thoughts. I will post a more "official" thread on the GTAM forum page as well where it will be accessible. Twitter will also be a good vehicle to start moving this around once posted.

I am 100% behind making this happen but it will not pan out if I must do it alone. If anyone wishes to contribute, with a specific role in mind, please send me a direct message over Twitter/Twitch/IRC or whatever.


okay but what about this; just a small break between GTAM and GTA3 tournament, and have the last match of the GTA3 tournament be played IN GTAM. it gives some time to build hype for the last match, gives people time to practice/take a small break, and it'd just be cute overall to merge two events together, sorta.


I'm sure everyone in the community wants a new GTAMarathon, but no one want to take the responsibility to organize it (so far).

I agree with what melis say we can either use the tournament final to hype the marathon starting like the week after or have the tournament final as finale for the marathon.


I like Melis's Nozlar's idea, but it'd be planning hell since we don't know who the finalists will be nor whether they will be able to play during the scheduled hours in GTAM.

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I don't like the idea of gta 3 any% being a race again like it was last time and also think tourney finale shouldn't be constrained to a marathon schedule as a lot of interesting thing might happen as we saw from VC tourney that can't be suited for a marathon.


karlk makes a good point, races in marathons are more suited to fun/race categorys IMO (all USJ's, Bingo etc) so you could have the final and then after the final announce the full schedule and times for the marathon, if it starts within week or two of the final.

also just in case anyone clicks on this thread...

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