Here you can post all your softlocks..


Softlock on SSA

Softlock on SSA

Softlock on Cannon Folder


i had to many softlock to post them all xD but later i will upload softlock during PP Kappa


Cool softlock during badlands practice


softlock courtesy of chaos%

and near-softlock, but I could exit out of the mission.


Not a true softlock, but Tommy was completely stuck and the only way I could move was to fail the mission:


Got stuck in the animation and had to kill the task BibleThump


Wow Aces this sucks! 😮 never saw that before 😕

Well here on of the Chase in Vice City.. that mission just hates me -.-


I just got a fucking softlock in my GTA 3 attempt tonight. I was on pace for a 1:20:4x and about to make the rocket shot at Catalinas helicopter. But the right mouse click for weapons stopped working after I used the replay to put out a fire (ONCE), which happened during Riot% too but it took several times for it to happen.

SO FUCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW, that the run can't be submitted. Would highlight it but I'm embarassed about it, so just watch the broadcast instead.


Okay I changed my mind, I DID highlight it, only because I'm not as pissed off now. The run had problems so maybe it was a sign. lol But this is only half my raging.


Not a softlock.. But i don't know where else to post this.. Still had it on my hard drive from a few months ago.. Thought it was pretty funny lol

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Do we have any idea what causes the "stuttering" softlock? This here:

It has been happening so much to me lately and killed a great run on stream tonight. What's happening?!


Not sure.. had the same thing tho at "The Chase" for some reason...


Hard Drive fuck up. Reinstall VC without uninstalling the other version.

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Will try thanks 🙂

also, pretty weird.. car flipped me upside down 😃


This thread is pretty good, but I reckon I've built up enough of a stockpile of bullshit over the years to outmatch you all

These are two of the best I could think of

And don't even get me started on the bullshit in Red Dead Redemption