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Just an idea I had yesterday that has probably been thought of before, but wouldn't it be neat to have a silly marathon (such as a GTA trilogy) where there are national teams?

For example, one team member would do GTA3, one VC and one SA.
So it'd be like Team Ireland, Team US etc.

This is just a random thought and it would probably be a mess to make it work practically but I figured I might as well mention the idea. Maybe something for the summer when everyone is suffering from heat illness.


Go on Team Ireland!,Its sounds like a very good idea.I don't know how others feel about it but I like it.


What if I don't want to represent my country?


S come work for the dutch then instead of nepal Kappa


then you cant participate, S ?


sounds good but the most/best runners come from germany so we would win Kappa

  [user deleted]

TriHard T E A M U S A TriHard


My team would consist of only me 😓


Im in but we could do teams without having the same nation


Exactly Nordtec, Germans are totally superior OpieOP


if we change this from national teams into just normal tag teams/relay teams(as discussed on #gta) this could really work as a relay race for 4 teams with a restream in mind for example, it would be a really awesome way to show off gta as a whole and racing gta, as well as having a big relay race is just an awesome idea 😃


How about a non national cup..but a cup with teams?

You can see there is a problem in people not wanting to represent a country, or not enough runners from some countries available..
but you don't have to throw away the whole idea. I think it would be pretty cool.. to do it with teams and have a cup with finals and everything 🙂