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as there isn't an unanimous decisions since the vote is splitted between all 3 parties, and tSu_nAmi told me he'll liked to do runs when it'll come back to the leaderboard, I'm going to add ingame hundo (at least for VC, 3 is a meme) on the leaderboard as a misc.. Unless people object soonish.


argument ?
have you watched a run since we started this debate ?


I watched the end of your marathon run and echo Mhmd's opinion on this matter.


If people do runs of it, I see no reason to not add it unless it's truly stupid. (like bowling%)

However, as has been proven in the past (COUGH 7 assets), people saying they will do runs and people doing runs is different. How about in the future we have people do runs first, THEN add the category to the leaderboards? Or give it a 2 month trial period and if people still don't run it, remove it forever (or until people do).