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About estimates for GTA 1, London 69 and London 61. I did some casual GTA1 in one go some months ago and had a time like 30 mins, because the cars not always explode with combo score, same for the Mission packs. So more realistic estimate would be like 30-40 mins for GTA 1, 20-25 mins for L69 and 10-15 mins for L61.

Besides that looking forward for this event, gl runners. 🙂


Kreygasm looks very nice


So will everyone be in one place or will they just stream from their homes?


everybody will meet in northern ireland


will be online. a meetup would make this impossible


meet up frankfurt DatSheffy


Meetup is in 2020 when this is a global event


meetup is at my place in Canada,


Please remove my name from the backup part, I don't wanna take part anymore.


Same here, don't want to take part anymore so you can remove my name from there.


Mh well I'd like to join a race maybe if I'm good enough in GTA VC at the time.. but I can't tell you now.. I'm a noob for now 😃


I put in my name for GTA 3 Riot%, though I'm unsure if I can do it yet.

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Well pretty similar for me but I did it in Chaos%, but I actually am more and more sure about it being possible 🙂


Eidgod, I noticed it says maybe race for vc all missions, if the runners can't really do community for the run (two different things at once, it would be hard to keep up if both are talking), I wouldn't mind lending a hand with that if that is fine. I've been up to date with a lot of the route changes, even attempting to get sub 3 hours myself.

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Yes odyssic. If there are races in general it is a good idea if one or two ppl that are not in it commentate on it. So you are more than welcome to do that if they are ok with it.


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