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If i bught the grand theft auto iv and installed and activated then the program writed a text to me: activation seccful , I clicked to the ok button and I launched the program and its open again the activation and again and again. What can I do? Re-Install the program or what? Please wrote the answer to my question.
PS: I need english answer.
PS: I'm hungarian and I'm not so good at english sorry.


Please write answer to my question I saw 16 people see my post but nobody wrote answer.


Are you related to Bangarang per chance?


Overcooler's long lost brother.


Is the activation actually required? From what I remember, I never had to input any activation code for Steam GTA4, but I kept getting the Steam notifications for activation which are just nuisances.


I think its a GFWL thing, which can be avoided by just using a guest account