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So, for the past week runs have been building up for GTA V in the submission queue and from what I can tell no one is verifying/denying them. We're up to 7 submissions now.

I don't really feel I know enough about GTA V to verify or deny a run, and apparently no other mod is doing it either, so I think we should try to decide on a new mod for GTA on this site, obviously one focusing on GTA V.

My first thought would be Dekap, but again I don't really know anything so I thought I'd ask what you guys think. Keep in mind anyone we choose will have the ability to deny and verify other GTA games too


I think it's possible to make someone mod only for GTA5.

IDK, I thought it was Jolzi responsibility to take care of 5.

Just make Dekap mod


I know Trevor% really well. As for the rest of the speedrun, not so much. I'm sure a few of the submissions are for that category.


Yeah, most of the submissions would be for Trevor%


problem is already solved dekap is mod since a bit


I think those are piling up quite a bit 😃, i have unaccepted 2 or denied, few others after me are waiting too, Dekap will be a bussy man hahaa.