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For those out of the loop, the MTA server has been down for awhile due to issues at the hosting company's server cluster. To put it simply, they lost everything. I haven't done a backup of the server since early 2014 and I'm not sure if anyone else with access to the files has done one since.

Regardless, use of the server was pretty low anyway, so I'm taking this opportunity to reboot it.

I have some ideas with what to do with it, like "rebranding it" as the "#GTA" server not the "Joshimuz" server, and maybe changing/having more game modes and such, but really I'm just wondering what other people thought we should do with it.


It would be nice to have some other basic gamemodes, kinda like the big MTA servers do it,where you have a menu with a selection of different gamemodes (the existing race mode, freeroam, DM, etc.).

Overall though, the server is a really nice place to hang around even with just the one gamemode and before you have too much work on it trying to make the gamemodes work properly, which might be played once or twice but die out afterwards , we should just keep the server as it is.

BTW: How do i sumbit maps to the server? 😃


You (we?) could promote the server now and then, let more people know of its existence and maybe make "MTA parties" more common.


Yeah I tweeted about it and everyone seemed to think the server is fine really, it just needs more players coz it's normally dead. I think promotion could help a lot.

As for other game modes, not really easy to implement along with the current ones, and maps? Use the /report feature ingame to submit a map 😛




gta clan (not sure if this is still a thing, but I had a great time :D)

Stunt maps
DM (if even wanted, can be really cool tho)

And as always the Races,
there were some people building maps, and I'd probably try to do some as well again.
Promoting it would be cool as well, MTA has still a lot of fans and people who don't know that they would be fans 😃


Needs more single player route races. That way we can race AND be productive. Ill make a couple more soon.

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Insert the whole Vice City map into MTA and I'd be down for route races 😛