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Just an idea I had to make GTA SA(or other) faster and more consistent? Maybe drum up more interest in people running it?

Would anyone be interested in some kind of category that allowed vehicle spawn cheats?

My idea would be you can have a mountain bike whenever you wanted it, and/or a banshee can be spawned for any races where you don't start with a car. Maybe start with max bike/driving/flying skills? Went with a bike because you're still very open to crashing and damage, and the mountain bike lets you scale most of the map easily.

Though it would require a mod to allow for bike spawning since it's not a built in cheat?

Any thoughts?


If you wanna run it then go for it.


Well I think the issue is requiring someone to do a mod to change what the cheats spawn

and maybe one of each vehicle can be spawned at any time or something, no air until the purchasing of the air field seems reasonable to keep it somewhat challenging.

Preferably such a mod would be easy to modify which vehicle gets spawned.